Originally posted to Data Center POST

Peering, or network interconnection, is a growing trend in the world of telecommunications. Put simply, peering allows two internet networks to directly connect and exchange traffic without incurring the traditional transit fees associated with having a third party carry that traffic across the internet. Boasting benefits like lower costs; reduced latency and improved user experience as a result of more direct data paths; increased resiliency and more, peering has emerged as a proven way to cost-effectively and efficiently augment network capabilities across the world. With the right guidance and partner, peering proves to be an effective and beneficial solution for rising user demands and expanding network requirements.

To enable its customers to fully express the benefits that peering offers, DE-CIX, the world’s leading internet exchange operator with the largest and fastest-growing IX in New York, released a whitepaper titled “How to Optimize the Usage of GlobePEER and GlobePEER Remote.” The report illustrates the benefits of local and remote peering across its global platform.

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