Originally posted to Data Center POST

FiberLight, LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of construction experience building and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, recently announced its selection by Whatbox Inc, a company specializing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for high-speed network applications and global content distribution, to deliver high-capacity, redundant fiber for inter-data center networking.

With COVID-19 driving accelerated data demands, Whatbox was seeing dramatic increases in usage as a result of individuals and teams utilizing the internet to share media and content. To ensure Whatbox could quickly support these demands and have ample room to expand as requirements continue to grow, FiberLight supplemented the company’s existing 100Gbps lit wavelength network with redundant dark fiber connectivity between its data centers in Northern Virginia on an expedited timeline. Completed in just two short weeks, the deployment enables Whatbox to light its own 400Gbps waves as needed, ensures it can leverage near limitless capacity with built in redundancy and allows it to grow with more cost efficiency than with lit circuit leasing options.

FiberLight’s dark fiber enables businesses to skip contacting network service providers or vendors every time their service must be adjusted as a result of fluctuations in demand. This saves both time and money. Furthermore, dark fiber’s bandwidth is only limited by the equipment placed on it, so businesses can benefit from near limitless capacity for a future-proofed option.

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