Originally posted to Data Center POST

In a world that has evolved to thrive on a constant flow and exchange of information, the telecommunications and technology sectors have become the critical pillars that support us, our businesses and our connections with the world at large. Even as these industries work tirelessly, developing new technologies and creating new strategies to accommodate our needs, demands continue to accelerate and keeping up remains a steady challenge. With each new year comes new questions and new drivers to consider. When designing and enabling our technological ecosystem to be better, faster or safer — what exactly will 2019 bring and what impact will these advancements have?

While it may be impossible to know exactly what the future holds, industry minds have some promising predictions. Jezzibell Gilmore, Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development at PacketFabric, the highly scalable connectivity-as-a-service platform and a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, recently participated in a virtual roundtable, where she offered her insights on what changes 2019 may pose to the industry. The roundtable, moderated by Rob Powell, Founder and Chief Editor of Telecom Ramblings, discussed a number of salient aspects, including where the future of internet infrastructure may be headed.

When asked for some predictions for 2019’s internet infrastructure, Gilmore noted that, unfortunately, as the technological world grows, the opportunities and incentives for cyberattacks are also growing as more and more of our valuable and sensitive information enters into the digital realm. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, or attacks in which machine or network resources are incapacitated and made unavailable to users, are now a very real facet of life that even the smallest enterprises must now be concerned about. In 2019, Gilmore says we can expect to see a focus on heightened performance and security in response to risks like these.

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