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SDN-Based Connectivity Offerings Increasing Among Data Center Providers

Today, enterprises are demanding access to network connectivity services that are simple, cost-effective and highly-scalable. To satisfy this requirement, many data center operators are now providing customers with connectivity platforms that leverage software-defined networking (SDN) and cutting-edge optical and packet switching technologies for increased agility, flexibility and performance.

Colo Atl, for example, is now offering access to PacketFabric’s new SDN-based network platform. Colo Atl is an Atlanta-based provider of carrier-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection services. PacketFabric’s fully automated network platform allows for the instantaneous, secure and direct provisioning of terabit-scale connectivity between any of the 128 locations on its network.

Data Digitization Drives Enterprise Need for Terabit-Scale Connectivity

We are now in the “terabit era,” with businesses storing and transmitting massive amounts of data, and enterprises requiring access to multi-site, terabit-scale connectivity.

Sabey Data Centers recently announced a major upgrade that will provide terabit-scale connectivity across all of its data centers using PacketFabric’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform. PacketFabric is a provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services. Its fully automated network platform facilitates instantaneous, direct and secure provisioning for terabit-scale connectivity between all locations on the PacketFabric network.

More Fortune 1000 Companies Are Doing Business in the Cloud

Currently, there is a strong demand among Fortune 1000 companies for secure, reliable and affordable access to next-generation cloud networking services. At the same time, businesses require real-time visibility and control over network traffic to support their cloud operations.

This challenge just got easier thanks to a new partnership between PacketFabric, a leading provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services and a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, and CyrusOne, which is a premier global data center real estate investment trust (REIT).

Keep Connectivity Top of Mind When Selecting a Cloud Networking Services Provider

For service providers, data center operators, and enterprises selecting a cloud networking services provider, connectivity should be a primary consideration. The provider should have a strong backbone network, enabling direct, secure and private access to terabit-scale connectivity.

PacketFabric, a NantWorks company and provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services, recently raised the bar for connectivity offerings when it deployed the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform to support its fully-automated software-defined networking-based solution.

Access to Cloud Networking Services and Next-Generation Interconnection Technologies in Core U.S. Markets Just Got More Affordable and Easier

The goal of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is to enable cloud and network engineers and administrators to respond quickly to changing business requirements via a centralized control console.  SDN encompasses multiple kinds of network technologies designed to make the network more flexible and agile to support the virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the modern data center.

Connecting major carrier hotels and data centers throughout North America, PacketFabric’s Software-defined Networking (SDN) based network platform is designed to deliver hundreds of Terabits per second of on-demand connectivity across its purpose-built private backbone network.

Modernizing Your Network Strategy

Enterprises today require seamless connectivity across multiple regions, clouds and data centers as well as enough bandwidth to support heavy workloads and applications. Many companies, however, are finding it difficult to achieve seamless connectivity because they are using outdated networking solutions that are slow to provision and difficult to update.

Now there is an easy way to obtain high-quality connectivity. PacketFabric, a NantWorks organization and a provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services. offers fully automated, purpose-built software-defined networking (SDN)-based architecture that allows users to instantaneously provision terabit-scale connectivity directly, privately and securely over next-generation transport fabric now powered by the Juniper Networks QFX10000 line of switches.

Timing and Flexibility Are Everything When Provisioning Network Connectivity

It used to take several weeks or even months to fully provision connectivity across an enterprise network, as each new circuit would have to be set up manually. Oftentimes, it would also require signing a long-term contract with a service provider.

Now the process is much more flexible and can be done almost instantaneously by working with a company like PacketFabric, which is a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies. Last week at the annual conference of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), PTC’17: “Changing Realities” in Honolulu, PacketFabric unveiled a next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking platform that allows businesses to instantaneously provision massively scalable network connectivity between two or more points across its private backbone network. The platform runs on an any-to-any SDN-powered network, which currently enables coast-to-coast connectivity across 86 carrier-neutral colocation facilities in 11 U.S. markets.