According to a recent survey conducted by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC), 98 percent of organizations reported that a single hour of downtime would cost more than $100,000, with one-third claiming it would cost their firm one to $5 million. Given these high stakes, an AI-enabled data center is a necessity for any business that wants to achieve an operationally efficient and reliable computing environment.

At the forefront of the AI revolution, ROOT Data Center has now become the first wholesale provider to implement AI and machine learning for reduced downtime risk. Through implementation of AI software at its Montréal data center, ROOT enhances its ability to detect and mitigate potential issues within critical infrastructure that could lead to outages, allowing the facility to continue to maintain 100 percent uptime as it expands.

“As our facility expands, it will become increasingly challenging to reduce the risk of downtime of critical infrastructure,” explained AJ Byers, President and CEO of ROOT Data Centers. “By embracing AI software within our facility, we are able to assist operators and engineers as they work to uphold the superior reliability for which ROOT Data Center is known.”

The AI and machine learning capabilities used in ROOT Data Center’s Montréal facility were developed by Litbit, a San Jose-based startup company that integrates connected sensors with AI software to monitor operational functions. Together with Litbit, ROOT Data Center has developed engineering personas that are able to collect visual and auditory information to detect anomalies that may signal infrastructure failure.

“The presence of this cutting-edge AI software is like having 100 expert engineers patrolling the facility listening at all times,” said Mr. Byers. “Over time this intelligence will get even smarter as it is able to learn and recognize issues, providing the ability to not only detect but diagnose and correct.”

By integrating Litbit’s AI and machine learning capabilities into its DCIM strategy, ROOT Data Center provides customers with long-lasting assurance that their data and applications are safe from downtime by augmenting engineers’ ability to detect signals of potential infrastructure failure.

“Over the next 12 months, we’re going to relay our findings to the public as we roll out this program across our generator platform and other data center infrastructure,” shared Byers. “At ROOT Data Center, we believe that AI is the future of DCIM, and are proud to be pioneers of the machine learning revolution.”