Subsea fiber optic solutions providers are now looking to reduce the turnaround time on legacy equipment and offer a higher level of service for customers, while extending the lifespan of new and existing submarine cable systems.

Xtera®, for instance, recently announced a partnership with Fortress Solutions to enhance the longevity of its cable systems. Fortress, a TL 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and R2-certified repair service provider, will play an instrumental role in helping Xtera to meet these goals.

With the help of Fortress, Xtera can now expedite Returned Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs), enabling the company to allocate its resources towards customers and projects while also increasing manufacturing capacity for its Contract Manufacturers.

At Xtera, we are committed to supporting the full lifespan of both new and existing submarine cable systems,” stated Keith Henderson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Xtera. “Xtera utilizes an ‘Extended Enterprise’ model from leading outside organizations to help deliver the highest quality services to our customers. We are very excited to partner with Fortress Solutions to maintain our subsea cable systems utilizing its ISO-certified equipment services.”

One of the largest providers of telecom, video and mobile equipment repair services in North America, Fortress supports legacy equipment repair for more than 80,000 parts, serving in excess of 1,500 platforms from 325 different equipment manufacturers.

Brendon Mills, CEO, President and Managing Partner at Fortress Solutions, also commented on the partnership.

“Quality and reliability are key pillars of Fortress Solutions’ mission to provide customers with higher levels of quality, service and on-time delivery in the repair and technical support industry,” explained Mills. “Through this partnership, we are delighted to expand Xtera’s capability to maintain its submarine and Optima platforms, while affording them the opportunity to increase focus on customers’ immediate needs.”

Xtera offers repeatered and un-repeatered subsea connectivity, utilizing the highest available bandwidth undersea amplifiers for up to 40 Terabits over a single fibre pair. The company also has a full range of turnkey services and solutions on-shore and off-shore security, system design, landing route and station development, and operational support.

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