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Global Capacity recently announced the expansion of One Marketplace into the 22nd largest market in the United States, Pittsburgh, PA, via a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the 2500 Allegheny Center Mall.  The PoP satisfies growing demand for access network connectivity and competitive market rates, providing an additional interconnectivity and access point for customers in the Northeast as well as surrounding regions.

GC PA PoPPittsburgh serves as a gateway to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, enabling businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as those located throughout rural Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, with easy access to the One Marketplace PoP.  Located within a 315-mile radius of the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York Metro areas, the PA PoP also allows Global Capacity customers to connect clients locally to Internet services providers, MSPs, and Cloud application providers.  2500 Allegheny Center Mall is home to a variety of interconnects including Comcast, CenturyLink, Fibertech, Lumos Networks and AT&T, amongst others.  This broad selection of new carrier networks and Internet backbones provides One Marketplace customers with access to diverse route options, competitive pricing and a wide range of services.

One Marketplace offers an interconnected, physical network aggregation platform with a cloud-based application that automates the design, pricing, and ordering of network solutions.  The platform provides customers with bi-directional interconnections and enhances market-competitive opportunities for buyers and sellers.  It also enables businesses to increase the breadth and reach of their network capabilities while providing them the means to support increased supply and demand volume.

It is Global Capacity’s mission to deliver ubiquitous reach and competitive pricing for the delivery of data, voice and video services as it seeks to further expand the One Marketplace footprint to extend to the highest level of interconnectedness for customers.

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