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Colocation Expansion Continues in Core Markets, but Growth Rates Vary

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TeleGeography LogoNew data from TeleGeography’s Colocation Database reveal that capacity in many core colocation hub markets has grown steadily over the past three years.

Bulletin Takes Its Messenger Platform to the Next Level

bulletin_logo_475x66-300x41Bulletin is well-known within the mobile messaging industry for offering cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communication solutions, including their flagship platform Bulletin Messenger.  On Tuesday, the provider announced they’ve taken it a step further, extending the platform’s functionality to a native app interface for iOS (their Android app is scheduled for release in early 2015).  The move enables customers to benefit from an even higher level of mobility, versatility and responsiveness for mobile messaging in business, without disrupting their personal communications.

Delivering the Next-Generation Content Delivery Network

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webairlogo_600x150In today’s content-driven world, a high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) is critical to business success. According to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in webpage load time results in a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.  End-users and content providers around the globe have come to expect fast and reliable delivery of digital media – wherever they are watching video, playing games, shopping online or sharing content.  The key to delivering this level of user experience is having a CDN that is flexible enough to meet any usage level and robust and redundant enough to remain operational under any network conditions.

iMiller Public Relations to Sponsor Capacity Magazine’s Confidence: Innovation: Leadership Summit at ITW 2014

IMPR logo copy-resized-600iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) has once again been named a sponsor of Capacity magazine’s exclusive Confidence: Innovation: Leadership Summit held during International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2014 on May 12 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM.  The Summit will reveal the results of the Confidence, Innovation and Leadership Survey, an annual global research study monitoring the most important issues affecting senior executives within the international telecoms wholesale arena.

Building on the 2013 report, this year’s results will reveal strategic priorities, assessments of the industry and innovation, and leadership style. The report is an essential tool to gauging the current and future success of the wholesale telecommunications industry.  Attendees will also receive a free copy of the 2014 report.

5 Days Left to Score Pre-order Perks for the SIM+ Case, Turning your iPhone 5 into Dual-SIM Phone!

HWTrek LogoRecently, HWTrek announced a crowdfunding campaign for The SIM+ by Digirit – a stylish cell phone case that converts the iPhone® 5 into a dual-SIM phone eliminating the hassle of switching SIM cards for business or when traveling or missing important phone calls and messages.  Now, you can pre-order The SIM+ for February delivery!

The SIM+ innovative cell phone case protects and expands on the hardware capability of the iPhone® 5 – enabling it to carry two SIM cards.  By coupling hardware with clever software, The SIM+ enables you to easily switch between SIM cards without having to remove The SIM+ tray or turn off your phone.  Additionally, The SIM+ interface that controls the SIM cards automatically appears in your Settings menu after fitting the case to the phone.

Media including CNET, MacLife, eWeek and Gizmodo (France) are already buzzing around this new creation crowdfunded by HWTrek.

So, what are the perks for pre-order customers?

  • $55 Gets you one (1) SIM+ plastic phone case with a SIMs carrier unit (white or black), and one (1) SIM aluminum cover (silver)
  • $59 Gets you one (1) SIM+ plastic phone case (black or white) and one (1) SIM aluminum cover with SIMs carrier unit (black, red or silver)
  • $90 Gets you the Titanium Special: one (1) SIM+ plastic phone cover with SIMs carrier unit (black or white) and one (1) SIM aluminum cover (black, red or silver). Additionally, customers will receive one (1) SIM Titanium cover.

To pre-order today, go to

Clearing the smoke and mirrors –

At the IPX Summit, London, TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) today announced the launch of containing an interactive set of web resources and a comprehensive IPX Q&A, the site also features presentations and blog posts from industry thought-leaders. With a cumulative experience in the information and communications technology sector surpassing 60 years, current contributors include: Simon Dodsworth, VP Voice and Mobile, TSIC; Bernd Hoogkamp, Director of Product Management Voice and Mobile, TSIC; Simon Sherrington, Founder, Innovation Observatory; and Peter Nas, Solution Engineer, F5 Networks.

“In August, the GSM Association counted 206 4G-LTE commercially launched networks in 79 countries. With many more in deployment, that’s a rapid take up since the first 4G-LTE networks were launched in Sweden and Norway in 2009.” says Simon Dodsworth, VP Voice & Mobile, TeliaSonera International Carrier.“The key to supporting 4G-users ‘home’ network experience when visiting another mobile network when travelling abroad, is IPX. Yet there is widespread confusion about what IPX actually is.”

Bernd Hoogkamp, Director, Product Management, Voice and Mobile, speaking at the conference said, “With IPX networks and services still being defined, industry analysts have highlighted a considerable lack of understanding around IPX. TeliaSonera International Carrier is home of the TeliaSonera IPX, part of the TeliaSonera group of 17 mobile operators, and talks to interested parties about IPX every day. We want to share and raise the level of understanding to move IPX forward, assembling high quality resources and offering the ability to ask questions to an  ‘IPXpert’ panel of experts.

The new website is now accessible globally at

Global Capacity Adds New One Marketplace PoP in Pittsburgh, PA

omp_logo_FINAL (1)
Global Capacity recently announced the expansion of One Marketplace into the 22nd largest market in the United States, Pittsburgh, PA, via a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the 2500 Allegheny Center Mall.  The PoP satisfies growing demand for access network connectivity and competitive market rates, providing an additional interconnectivity and access point for customers in the Northeast as well as surrounding regions.

GC PA PoPPittsburgh serves as a gateway to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, enabling businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as those located throughout rural Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, with easy access to the One Marketplace PoP.  Located within a 315-mile radius of the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York Metro areas, the PA PoP also allows Global Capacity customers to connect clients locally to Internet services providers, MSPs, and Cloud application providers.  2500 Allegheny Center Mall is home to a variety of interconnects including Comcast, CenturyLink, Fibertech, Lumos Networks and AT&T, amongst others.  This broad selection of new carrier networks and Internet backbones provides One Marketplace customers with access to diverse route options, competitive pricing and a wide range of services.

One Marketplace offers an interconnected, physical network aggregation platform with a cloud-based application that automates the design, pricing, and ordering of network solutions.  The platform provides customers with bi-directional interconnections and enhances market-competitive opportunities for buyers and sellers.  It also enables businesses to increase the breadth and reach of their network capabilities while providing them the means to support increased supply and demand volume.

It is Global Capacity’s mission to deliver ubiquitous reach and competitive pricing for the delivery of data, voice and video services as it seeks to further expand the One Marketplace footprint to extend to the highest level of interconnectedness for customers.

To learn more about interconnecting to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace, or email

EdgeConneX to Create Small Cell Network in Northern Virginia

SmallCellAnother “small cell” success story is on the horizon.  Fresh off plans to kick-off a Vermont solution, EdgeConneX, a provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), space, power and connectivity solutions that uniquely combine mobile, wireline, and data center services bringing data to the edge of the network, recently announced their next small cell initiative to benefit the Northern Virginia region.

EdgeConneX most recently announced their Vermont initiative, a deployment of a rural small cell network for CoverageCo, a provider of carrier and technology-neutral cellular coverage services to underserved markets.  Their second project, already underway, is the development and deployment of a small cell network for a high profile, urban Northern Virginia mixed-use class “A” residential and retail properties.  This second project shows significant interest from the real estate developers and municipalities in leveraging the technology for the expansion of cellular network coverage.

The small cell networks solve the problem of mobile network expansion in light of the exponential growth and demand of high bandwidth mobile requirements from video and data traffic.  The networks are constructed with low-powered radio access nodes, strategically placed within small distances that extend service coverage into traditionally hard-to-reach areas such as mountainous regions, high-rise buildings and campus-style developments.  Small cell networks are compatible with a wide range of mobile technologies including GSM, CDMA, LTE, and WiMax, expanding the reach of both 3G and 4G networks.

EdgeConneX, with several small cell networks completed and in progress, has become the leading provider of these solutions in the market.  Small cell networks have become more and more important to real estate developers in search of affordable enhanced cellular network coverage.  EdgeConneX’s ability to design, construct and manage small cell networks for communities and businesses will improve communication capabilities within large developments throughout the country.  EdgeConneX is partnering with companies, communities and developers seeking superior cellular coverage for their customers.

EdgeConneX’s small cell network solutions are groundbreaking in that they are proven to allow carriers, municipalities, corporate campus environments, building owner-operators, and others the opportunity to address capacity constraints and expand coverage capabilities while overcoming certain physical challenges faced by today’s wireless networks.  Small cell solutions enable seamless connectivity for today’s increasingly connected consumer.

For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading infrastructure deployment solutions for expanding and improving access to mobile and data communications, visit


Ethernet Proves a Cost-Effective Network Solution, but Price Disparities Remain

Median 10 Mbps vs. 100 Mbps EoMPLS Circuit Prices, Q1 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.28.56 AMEthernet private lines provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to legacy SDH/SONET technologies. Nevertheless, new data from TeleGeography’s Ethernet Pricing Service reveal that there are widespread geographic disparities in Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS) price levels and structures.

The lowest prices for point-to-point EoMPLS circuits are found on routes between major cities in Europe and the U.S., and on trans-Atlantic links. In Q1 2013, the median monthly price of a 10 Mbps circuit was $446 between London and Paris, $896 from Los Angeles to New York, and $652 from London to New York. Trans-Pacific and intra-Asian prices are significantly higher. In Q1 2013, the median price of a 10 Mbps circuit was $1,706 per month between Los Angeles and Tokyo and $1,863 per month between Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Regional differences are also apparent when examining the cost associated with increasing capacity. On major terrestrial routes in Europe and North America, the median price of a 100 Mbps EoMPLS circuit was approximately twice the price of a 10 Mbps circuit, at $948 per month between London and Paris and $1,869 per month between Los Angeles and New York. Upgrading to 100 Mbps circuits in Asia can be far more costly. The median price of a trans-Pacific 100 Mbps EoMPLS circuit was $6,613 in Q1 2013, about four times the price of a 10 Mbps link, while the median Hong Kong-Tokyo 100 Mbps price was $8,258, or 4.4 times more than a 10 Mbps circuit.

Ethernet prices and the multiples associated with upgrading capacity can vary dramatically by market. Nevertheless, Ethernet provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises looking to purchase higher capacity services. Paying two to five times the price for 10 times the Ethernet capacity equates to significantly less than paying the long-standing SDH/SONET multiple of 2.5 times the price for just four times the capacity.

TeleGeography’s Ethernet Pricing Service benchmarks the price of long-haul and international Ethernet service by provider, capacity, service, and route. It provides PoP-to-PoP monthly lease charges from 66 carriers on 198 key routes for:

  • EoMPLS
  • EoSDH
  • EoDWDM
  • VPLS

TeliaSonera International Carrier Kicks off the Fall Season with Two More Award Nominations

After an exciting September 2012, filled with nominations at the World Communications Awards (WCA), TeliaSonera International Carrier kicks off the fall season with two more award nominations for a couple of categories in the 2012 Capacity Awards.  The prestigious Capacity Awards place an emphasis on companies, technology partners and individuals who excel in the deployment, development and use of carrier services throughout the year.  TeliaSonera International Carrier, providing exceptional network infrastructure and services, has been shortlisted in the Best Global Wholesale Carrier and the Best Pan-European Wholesale Carrier categories. 

Erik Hallberg, President of TeliaSonera International Carrier, commented on his excitement of the nominations, “The 2012 Capacity Awards is a huge event and to be nominated in not one, but two separate categories is fantastic for TeliaSonera International Carrier. It has been a momentous 12 months for the company as a whole and to have our achievements recognized is great news. The fact that we could potentially win four awards in one evening would be an outstanding achievement for us”.  

TeliaSonera’s nominations are an outstanding addition to their already successful year.  Prior to being shortlisted at the 2012 Capacity Awards, TeliaSonera was the proud recipient of the award for Best Global Optical Network at the DWDM NGN Optical Networking Conference in Monaco.

Winners of the Capacity Awards will be announced at the 8th annual Gala dinner on November 13th in Amsterdam, taking place the same night as the WCA awards in London.