Managing the presence of tobacco smoke for a healthier indoor air environment is not only critical for the health and comfort of casino patrons and employees but ultimately to its financial viability as well. An environment free of odors is so high stakes that progressive casinos seek air purification assistance from companies like Plasma Air International, a leading provider of indoor air quality solutions.

One gaming facility that recently worked with Plasma Air International is Lucky Dog Casino, which is located north of Shelton, Washington, on the Skokomish Reservation. The casino, which caters to smoking and non-smoking patrons, had received multiple complaints from customers and employees regarding tobacco smoke and associated odors.

To overcome this challenge and reduce the harmful and unpleasant effects of cigarette smoke, Lucky Dog Casino decided to implement Plasma Air’s powerful air purification system. Utilizing Plasma Air’s cutting-edge bipolar ionization technology, the casino significantly improved its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), resulting in 100 percent reduction in customer odor complaints. Employees reported a higher level of comfort during shifts, too. What’s more, both smoking and non-smoking patrons extended their stay at Lucky Dog Casino without feeling uncomfortable or needing to step outside of the facility for fresher air.

“Since installing the Plasma Air system, we have received zero odor complaints from customers and our employees also noticed an immediate improvement in air quality, stating that their clothes no longer smelled of smoke after the workday,” explained Peter Robb, Director of Operations at Lucky Dog Casino. “My advice to other casinos looking for an air quality solution?  Talk to Plasma Air first, and you’ll see quickly that others don’t even come close.”

Plasma Air President Larry Sunshine also commented on the success Lucky Dog Casino experienced after working with Plasma Air.

“We are thrilled to hear of the incredible success Lucky Dog Casino has experienced with our air purification system,” Sunshine said. “We also look forward to learning of their increased revenue resulting from the significantly improved air quality in the casino.”

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