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High Stakes Casinos Manage Indoor Air Quality, and Patrons and Employees Take Notice

Managing the presence of tobacco smoke for a healthier indoor air environment is not only critical for the health and comfort of casino patrons and employees but ultimately to its financial viability as well. An environment free of odors is so high stakes that progressive casinos seek air purification assistance from companies like Plasma Air International, a leading provider of indoor air quality solutions.

One gaming facility that recently worked with Plasma Air International is Lucky Dog Casino, which is located north of Shelton, Washington, on the Skokomish Reservation. The casino, which caters to smoking and non-smoking patrons, had received multiple complaints from customers and employees regarding tobacco smoke and associated odors.

Achieving Indoor Air Quality in Gaming Environments

A casino that permits cigarette smoking can become a vexatious source of unpleasant odors, deterring existing and returning customers, and creating a health hazard to the facility’s employees.

Plasma Air Launches Nationwide Equipment Leasing Program

Flexible Leasing Options Targeted at Casinos to Provide Cutting-Edge Air Purification Technologies at an Affordable Cost

Plasma Air Releases Groundbreaking Air Quality Calculation Software

Plasma AirMaintaining a healthy indoor breathing environment is critical to safety. Up until recently, however, regulating indoor air quality at these building sites has been a difficult process, as commercial, institutional and industrial building developers and owners couldn’t easily analyze air contaminant levels or eliminate airborne pollutants in an efficient manner.  Fortunately, there’s a groundbreaking new solution that is as a game-changer for these stakeholders: Plasma Air International’s new PlasmaSoft 2.0 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Procedure Software.

Plasma Air Releases Pennsylvania Casino Case Study

Plasma Air’s Bipolar Ionization Technology Helps Reduce Pollutants, Produce a Healthier Environment for Casino Guests and Staff

Plasma AirStamford, CT, USA, September 1, 2015 Plasma Air International, the leading innovator in indoor air quality solutions, announces the release of its latest case study based on an iconic Pennsylvania Category 3 casino. This study explores the details surrounding how Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology significantly improved the indoor air quality (IAQ) of both smoking and non-smoking gaming floors, benefitting both casino employees and patrons, and delivering significant energy cost savings.

Plasma Air Welcomes New National Sales Manager Daniel Dowiak

Plasma Air International recently announced the appointment of Daniel Dowiak as its National Sales Manager.   Mr. Dowiak brings over 20 years of both indoor and outdoor quality monitoring, system design and engineering, and facility management experience to Plasma Air.  His tenure within the industry stems numerous directorship and senior management positions at companies such as UVResources™, Bioclimatic Air Systems, LLC, DHL, Ingersoll Rand, and Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG).  Mr. Dowiak also founded two organizations, DGSolutions and Daniel J. Dowiak Consulting.  As National Sales Manager for Plasma Air, he is responsible for driving U.S. sales strategies and execution for an array of leading air purification products, focusing on the further development and support of the Company’s commercial market and residential partner networks.