Mr. Connolly to Discuss the Past, Present and Future of Irish Data Centers on September 10 in Dublin, Ireland

host-in-ireland-logo1DUBLIN, IRELAND – September 1, 2015 Host in Ireland, a marketing initiative created to drive interest in hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces its President and Founder, Garry Connolly, will deliver the keynote during Sustainable Processing 2015, an Irish industry event hosted by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Mr. Connolly will explore Ireland’s evolving data center industry during his presentation: “Data Centers Ireland: The Past, Present, and is the Growth Sustainable?”

Mr. Connolly’s keynote will take place Thursday, September 10, 2015 at noon at the Energy SustainableProcessingFinalLogocopy3Efficiency Theater in hall one of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS). During his presentation, Mr. Connolly will explore the impact of the growth of data centers in Ireland from the perspectives of energy consumption, off-island connectivity, and global economics. Ireland is home to the digital assets of Internet giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and more, as companies recognize its many benefits, including political and economic stability, skilled workforce, affordable power with a focus on renewable energy, and global connectivity to Europe and the Americas.

“I am honored to be a part of this event and strongly believe in its value for the technology industry in Ireland,” shares Mr. Connolly. “With rapid growth come many challenges, and it is critical that we remain ahead of the game by further increasing our energy efficiency and sustainability. Data centers are notorious energy consumers, making them a key topic when discussing sustainable power. My presentation will focus on educating attendees about data center growth and its impact on energy efficiency as Ireland continues on its path to becoming the premier European hosting location.”

Sustainable Processing 2015 is an event designed for Ireland’s technology and service industry professionals, bringing together powerful community members to discuss sustainable energy practices as they influence Irish manufacturing sectors. Over 120 companies will be in attendance with three separately focused seminar areas for energy, water and waste. This event offers attendees insider insight into the future of Ireland’s sustainability, providing a look into real-time challenges and ways the community can further develop their strengths while continuing to attract inward investments.

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About Host in Ireland
Host in Ireland is an industry-led marketing initiative that provides timely and accurate information on Ireland’s digital asset hosting ecosystem at all times, including demonstrating why Ireland is more cost-effective, efficient, reliable, secure, and accessible than most other regions across the EU. There’s a reason companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Adobe, and beyond have sought to host their solutions in as well as to / from Ireland. Many of these reasons are immediately realized due to access to affordable power, redundant network and bandwidth capacity, along with a variety of data center providers that offer an array of services sustained by the 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, and Power. On top of that is a very attractive business management structure, implemented by Ireland, which is keenly interested to bring new businesses into the market. Ireland supports this initiative through attractive fiscal structures, access to a skilled workforce and full support of the U.S. Safe Harbor and Patriot Acts – ensuring data asset compliance for companies large and small. For more information about Host in Ireland, visit

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