antenna-1316427-1279x1705New portfolio combines numerous innovations that significantly reduce footprint and operational costs while increasing mobile network performance

Las Vegas, NV, September 7, 2016 [CTIA – Super Mobility] — JMA Wireless, a global leader of wireless communications solutions, announced today its new NWAV™ portfolio, which offers leading-edge antenna and filter technologies.  The modular design of the NWAV antennas provides significantly increased network performance while the NWAV filters take size, weight, and performance to an unprecedented level.

“With the NWAV portfolio we really focused on what the mobile carriers are looking for – better network performance at a lower overall cost,” declared Shawn Chawgo, Vice President of Product Management at JMA Wireless.  “This next generation of solutions combines our best existing technologies with several new innovations to offer antenna and filter options that are unmatched in the market today.”

The new NWAV antenna designs represent significant manufacturing enhancements and flexibility to ensure that model variations are produced to better meet customer lead times.  In addition, the NWAV antenna portfolio includes the world renowned connector technology that only JMA Wireless offers.  Highlights of the powerful new line-up are as follows:

NWAV Antennas Include:

  • Fast Roll-Off (FRO) Technology – Minimizes the interference between adjacent sectors to optimize SINR (signal to interference and noise ratio) performance while improving C/I (carrier interference) performance above 20dB in more than 50% of the coverage area. In addition, mobile data rates (bps/Hz) are increased directly by as much as 300%.
  • Circular Pole (CP) Technology – Delivers constantly revolving signal polarization that maximizes RSSI (received signal strength indicator) regardless of mobile device orientation, resulting in a more consistent signal link and increased cellular performance overall.
  • SON-Ready Design – High band dependent tilt and proper array spacing enable all antenna deployments to leverage SON (self-organizing network) tools.
  • 4.3-10 Connector Technology – Superior PIM (passive intermodulation) performance provided by unique JMA Wireless designed compression connector technology, offering direct compatibility with patented weather protection systems.
  • Integral Smart Bias T-Option – Reduces site leasing costs and eliminates external cabling while being AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) 2.0 compliant.

NWAV Filters Include:

  • Significantly Smaller Footprint – Decreases tower space with a footprint as much as three times smaller than competitive offerings, which lowers lease costs and reduces weight.
  • Broad Spectrum Support – 555MHz through 2700Mhz supported, including the recent AWS-3, 2.5Ghz and 2.7Ghz bands, and future proofed to support the upcoming 600MHz band.
  • Smart AISG Signal Routing – Port DC detection automatically routes signal to AISG devices, easing installation by eliminating DC blocks and manual signal routing.
  • 3-10 Small Form Factor Connectors – Provide superior PIM performance, JMA Wireless weather protection system compatibility, and IP67 performance even when unmated.
  • Superior Return Loss and Port Isolation – Return loss of 22dB, with 60dB of input isolation, maximizes system performance by minimizing harmful noise.
  • QR-Link Test Data – Allows field engineers to utilize mobile phones and QR code readers to immediately access measure test results for any device.

Certain products in the NWAV portfolio are available now while others will be available in Q4 of this year. The complete portfolio will be on display at CTIA in the JMA Wireless booth (#4532).

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JMA Wireless is the leading global innovator in mobile wireless connectivity solutions that ensure infrastructure reliability, streamline service operations, and maximize wireless performance. Employing powerful, patented innovations their solutions portfolio is proven to lower the cost of operations while ensuring lifetime quality levels in equipment and unrivaled performance for coverage and high-speed mobile data. JMA Wireless solutions cover macro infrastructure, outdoor and indoor distributed antenna systems and small cell solutions. JMA Wireless corporate headquarters are located in Liverpool, NY, with manufacturing, R&D, and sales operations in over 20 locations worldwide. For more information visit or follow JMA Wireless on Twitter at @JMAwireless

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