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Enterprise Is the Current Buzz, But Large Venues Are Still the Biz

Originally posted to AGL Media Group by Mike Collado, Principal Consultant, Wireless 20/20

In Roman theology, Janus – the god of transition – is famously depicted as having two faces to represent the dichotomous nature of change which includes beginnings and endings, opportunities and threats, and wins and losses. This ancient perspective is still applicable today. As author and Fortune columnist Dan Lyons observes, “Transformation is hard – but not changing can sometimes be fatal.”

Infrastructure, Transport Will Play Pivotal Role in Indoor 5G

Originally posted to AGL Media Group by Mike Collado, Principal Consultant, Wireless 20/20

infrastructure-transport-will-play-pivotal-role-in-indoor-5gThe wireless industry is undergoing evolutionary and revolutionary changes whose ramifications upon the in-building ecosystem conjure the proverb, “May you live in interesting times” – an adage that has the double-meaning of a blessing and a curse or, stated differently, opportunity and threat. These interesting times include megatrends such as 5G, as well as market-level trends like segment saturation.

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Higher education campuses are prime opportunities for cellular operators to grow coverage and expand services

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JMA Wireless Announces NWAV Antenna and Filter Technologies

antenna-1316427-1279x1705New portfolio combines numerous innovations that significantly reduce footprint and operational costs while increasing mobile network performance

Las Vegas, NV, September 7, 2016 [CTIA – Super Mobility] — JMA Wireless, a global leader of wireless communications solutions, announced today its new NWAV™ portfolio, which offers leading-edge antenna and filter technologies.  The modular design of the NWAV antennas provides significantly increased network performance while the NWAV filters take size, weight, and performance to an unprecedented level.

“With the NWAV portfolio we really focused on what the mobile carriers are looking for – b

Telenor Selects Ranplan for Outdoor/Indoor Small Cell and HetNet Planning and Optimization

Growing demand for bandwidth and QoS drives need for new generation of design and optimizations tools

IBuildNet_V3_2July 21, 2016: Telenor has completed a Supplier Agreement with Ranplan, an innovative and fast growing company that has developed a powerful range of tools for efficient and accurate in-building and outdoor/indoor wireless network planning and deployment. Ranplan has worked closely with the Telenor wireless network team based in Belgrade to ensure its iBuildNet® suite provides the advanced features and functionality required for the design and optimization of complex Macro, Small Cell, HetNet, DAS and Backhaul networks.