Lightpath-300x300Lightpath® has announced that it has established direct international access to its expansive New York metro area fiber network. Lightpath is a market leader in Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses and now through a connection to New Jersey Fiber Exchange’s neutral cable landing station meet-me room in Wall, New Jersey, customers can now leverage its ultra-high bandwidth services for connectivity to key international destinations. New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) is highly regarded and is the first Tier 3 carrier-neutral colocation facility that intersects where subsea cables from the United States, South America, Europe and the Caribbean meet.

NJFX-LogoServing enterprises in the world’s largest business market, Lightpath customers are continually seeking the fastest ultra-high speed connectivity to key international hotspots, and the new connection established by Lightpath meets these demands by bypassing carrier hotels and legacy backhaul solutions.

“As our customers’ businesses expand globally, they want to continue to use the Lightpath service that they know and trust,” said Dave Pistacchio, president, Lightpath. “Following our connection to the NJFX facility, we’re able to expand the universe of customers we can serve, helping them develop secure, reliable and high-speed connectivity to key media and financial destinations throughout the world.”

With over 7,000 lit locations throughout the New York Metro area, Lightpath serves sectors with the most stringent data delivery requirements, necessitating direct international access for companies that want to maintain the highest levels of connectivity in and out of the region.

“Lightpath’s dominance in the region, close relationship with businesses and ubiquitous network enhance the value we’re able to offer to businesses throughout the globe that need the most direct local access to this market,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. “We look forward to enabling reliable, diverse connectivity options for Lightpath customers in a highly-secure, fortified facility that is as close to the edge as a network operator can get.”

The New Jersey Fiber Exchange 64,800-square-foot facility will go live in September 2016, at which time Lightpath’s services will be available via the new connection. Click here to learn more about Lightpath.