Fiber optic technologyRight now there is massive demand for fiber optic connectivity among businesses. The challenge, however, is discovering customers who need it and connecting with them.

This process just got a lot easier, thanks to FiberLight, LLC, an industry leader for high performance fiber optic network solutions. Just recently, FiberLight released a near-net building list which identifies 4,500 buildings across its footprint that can be lit with its best-in-class data services.

“As FiberLight has continued to expand our metro fiber networks throughout our territory, we have now established a significant presence in cities and towns in need of high bandwidth broadband services,” stated Jim Hintze, FiberLight’s Senior Vice President of Carrier Sales. “We are committed to leveraging our rich fiber assets to allow network service providers to connect into businesses across our footprint at the fastest speeds available in the market, which have been otherwise unavailable over existing copper networks.”

Moving forward, all buildings on FiberLight’s near-net list will feature standard national pricing across bandwidth options from 10-Megabit to 10-Gigabit. FiberLight plans to regularly update the database with new locations that fit specific criteria such as proximity to the network, the presence of multiple tenants and costs related to construction. This will enable FiberLight to provide cost-effective and aggressive installations. Many buildings on the list could be turned up in just 90 days.

Building availability data will be provided through a strategic partnership with Connected2Fiber, which will provide access to its SaaS-based, Building List Manager application. Current partners will have immediate access to this resource. The Building List Manager application will allow partners to update and access building specifications and service availability in real-time.

Partners will be able to use the application to make targeted requests for proposals.

“The market currently has incredible demand for fiber. It is critical that network owners, such as FiberLight, communicate to the market the buildings available to serve so that customers searching for solutions can leverage that location information,” explained Ben Edmond, Chief Executive Officer of Connected2Fiber. “Too often the industry relies on sending stale spreadsheets, email, PDF maps or KMZ files, which makes it difficult to get into the customer’s buying process.  FiberLight has done a tremendous job of building a validated location database to share with partners, prospects and customers.”

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