ZenFi Appears at the Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas

ZenFiThis past month at the Wireless Infrastructure Show in Dallas, ZenFi President and Chief Executive Officer, Ray LaChance, joined representatives from the New York State Wireless Association, New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and Edge Communications to examine the penetration of wireless and broadband connectivity throughout New York City. The panel, “City of New York Case Study,” took place on May 24, 2016 in front of an audience of wireless industry professionals, including infrastructure owners and operators, carriers, service providers, investment community representatives and government officials.

As members of the panel explored, wireless support in major metropolitan areas such as New York City requires a purpose-built neighborhood network and colocation infrastructure model designed to facilitate increased densification. This strategy enables modern wireless industry technology and trends, including smart phones, mobile applications, base station hotels and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As the most densely populated municipality in the United States, New York City requires enhanced connectivity throughout the city to maintain its position as a global hub for commerce, finance, media, technology, education and entertainment. As Mr. LaChance articulated during the Wireless Infrastructure Show panel session, ZenFi is driving wireless connectivity by rolling out more dark fiber throughout the New York metro area, bringing more small cells, in-building and outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) remotes, macro sites and Wi-Fi access points closer to end-users. This groundbreaking neighborhood network increases both the accessibility and affordability of connectivity at the edge of the network.

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