Q&A with TelecomNewsRoom’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Justin Forte is Vice President of Sales for INDATEL™, a Nationwide Network that provides fiber connectivity to rural and urban America. Drawing from sales leadership experience in both the telecom and software industry working for large organizations as well as start-ups, Justin believes the best way carriers can serve clients in rural America is to simplify how these companies conduct business.

TelecomNewsroom recently had the opportunity to sit down with Justin and discuss his company’s attendance at International Telecoms Week 2018, taking place May 6-9 in Chicago, the impact that Big Data will have on service providers, and what new developments to expect from INDATEL this year.

TelecomNewsroom, Kathy Xu (TNR-KX) Question: What impact will industry changes have on digital transformation plans within organizations?

INDATEL, Justin Forte (INDATEL-JF) Answer: Big Data and analytics will continue to feed the business landscape. We are moving to a virtual world where “handshake” is a networking term, rather than a direct human interaction. Big Data will continue to be leveraged to help companies answer questions that may have been approached with surveys or focus groups in the past. All decisions moving forward will be based on Big Data and what people do rather than what they say.

TNR-KX Q: What broad trends do you see in telecoms in the next 12 months?

INDATEL-JF A: I see more consolidation in telecom, especially with regional and mid-market players. Also, wholesale is maturing, so many telecom companies may divert resources from carrier sales and focus more on cloud strategy.

TNR-KX Q: What are new developments and initiatives that are exciting for your company in 2018?

INDATEL-JF A: INDATEL has accomplished something new to help carriers serve clients in rural America. We are providing an extensive on-net/near net building list that can be referenced —  approximately 300,000 sites and growing — with flat rate pricing, nationwide. That’s flat-rate nationwide priced Carrier Ethernet services with 700 rural independent providers reached through one agreement with INDATEL. It’s one partner to contact for billing, sales, support, and service delivery.

TNR-KX Q: What technologies or solutions are inhibiting growth today, and how do you see innovation adapting to solve that problem?

INDATEL-JF A: Software packages for telecoms like customer relationship management, building/fiber management, and operational support systems have come down in cost, allowing smaller players the ability to invest in automation. Smaller providers automating will drive operational efficiency and provide valuable insights for better managerial decisions within those organizations.

TNR-KX Q: Why is ITW such an important industry event for you and your company?

INDATEL-JF A: This will be our first time attending ITW. We feel that the exposure and conversations could enhance our message with existing and potential partners. It is a great way for us to check the pulse of the industry and gain insight into existing and potential client’s perspectives, helping shape how we do business.

TNR-KX Q: Thank you for spending some time with us today, and best of luck at ITW 2018!

To learn more about INDATEL, please visit www.indatel.com. To request a meeting with INDATEL during ITW, please click here.