NEFFiber is reaching new lengths as data centers pop up left and right across the globe. In fact, according to a 2014 prediction by IDC, we can expect to see 8.6 million data centers throughout the world in 2017. Keeping track and making use of this data has been difficult for many companies as they attempt to build stronger and smarter networks in a way that is efficient and affordable. Difficult that is, until now.

NEF, a telecommunications consulting and brokerage firm focused on dark fiber, colocation and high capacity bandwidth, provides for customers a unique software known as FiberLocator® – a highly advanced solution for accurate fiber mapping research available in an online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, via multi-user enterprise access, or streamlined into customers’ FiberLocatorexisting platforms via an API. Recently, NEF took this critical service one step further, enhancing its already robust offering to create an optimized fiber mapping solution that is even more comprehensive and streamlined, dubbed FiberLocator 2.0.

Offering information on hundreds of carriers and thousands of buildings, FiberLocator users are able to save time and headache, as well as create more efficient networks, by gaining near-instant access to data regarding available metro and long-haul optical fiber networks, data center space and lit buildings all over the country. This unique software provides access to a constantly growing database of 288 unique carriers, 389,091 lit building records, and 6,793 data centers. With full-service offerings and tools such as the FiberLocator 2.0, NEF is simplifying network planning and research while making growth as easy and smooth as possible for its customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about NEF and the implementation of FiberLocator 2.0, please view the full release here.