sdffIn 2013, a comprehensive study on the nation’s healthcare system appearing in the Journal of Patient Safety (2013;9(3):122–128) shocked the medical world with its finding that as many as 400,000 patients are lost each year due to preventable medical errors, making it the number three killer in the United States – third only to heart disease and cancer.  Many experts believe the appropriate use of Health Information Technology (HIT) can reduce this number.

Equally as staggering is the number of patient health records compromised in data breaches.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 38.7 million individuals have had their protected health information compromised in privacy and security breaches since 2009.  What’s more disconcerting is that many healthcare breaches still go unreported, but the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and end-customers are cracking down.

sdfsfsfAs medical practices become increasingly reliant on HIT for patient care, Webair recognizes the need to enhance its offerings in a way that makes the adoption and expansion of healthcare IT solutions a safe, secure, protected and reliable process.  To accomplish this, the Company has hired an HIT expert and medical practitioner of nearly three decades experience, Dr. Michael L. Brody, to serve as its HIPAA Compliance Specialist and healthcare Subject Matter Expert (SME).

A leader in fully managed Cloud, Colocation and Managed solutions, including secure, reliable Cloud and IT infrastructure solutions that are HIPAA-HITECH compliant and always available, Webair continually strives to assist healthcare organizations to achieve their IT goals while protecting sensitive patient data.  Recognizing the growing demand and needs of the healthcare community, in hiring Dr. Brody, the New York-based Company has decided to enlist an HIT expert to assist in this mission.  Dr. Brody serves Webair through regular contribution of online health technology content, and provide assistance in overall product and service strategy while serving as its healthcare subject matter expert.  Due to the evolving nature of the healthcare industry, Webair’s fully managed Cloud and Colocation solutions are custom-built to meet the unique needs of each healthcare customer, and as such, require special considerations made to security strategy during the engineering process.  Dr. Brody is an instrumental contributor to these discussions.  He regularly speaks with Webair’s healthcare customers and technical engineers to help plan and architect technical solutions that comply with various HIPAA and security requirements.

Dr. Brody brings to Webair a long history of experience within the HIT sector.  An expert in his field, Dr. Brody has travelled across the nation educating many businesses and healthcare organizations in HIT and Meaningful Use. In 2013, he was appointed Chief Compliance Officer of ICS Software, a provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software to doctors and medical practices, and also serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of TLD Systems, a team of specialists in the fields of medicine, law and technology with the common goal of making HIPAA compliance affordable for the independent practitioner.  Dr. Brody has presented multiple times  at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) tradeshows and events, which include some of the largest and most important healthcare IT conferences in the world.