Originally posted to Data Center POST,

By Harnil Oza, Founder and CEO, Hyperlink Infosystem,

The Internet of Things is the phrase explaining that all items, no matter if they are entertainment or communications devices, can be potentially wired to respond via the internet. Smart items used to be relegated to only a few sectors: entertainment, information and communication. Smart watches and wearable tech are broadening the scope of useful tech, and app developers are taking it much further. Now accessories and household necessities like appliances can be smart app-ready too.

The repercussions are enormous in a field that is already exploding with possibilities. 3D printing is still relegated to high-end industries like manufacturers or medicine. But smart apps for a coffee pot or fridge are geared towards the consumer base. If a home appliance is going to be wired to receive instruction or even send it via the internet, the unspoken fact is that a smart phone or mobile device is the means by which an individual is going to manage it. App development is going to take on new roles with the need to understand home product use and how it impacts an individual.

Questions developers will need to consider are: how often does a consumer need to have the coffee ready from a distance, or the heating bumped up before arriving home? Should music and other ambiance be ready when the home owner closes the garage door? New analytical results of these types of questions could result in a wealth of data that any app development company is going to use.

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