Originally posted to Data Center POST

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to evolve and adapt in this era of rapidly-growing network demands. The heavy strain on networks, a result of growing bandwidth and latency demands, is putting traditional business operations to the test, and to support the demands of end users into the future, many companies are turning to emerging technologies like edge computing.

Edge computing, or a distributed computing paradigm that brings data and data processing closer to the point of usage, is a great strategy for ensuring networks are keeping up with exploding requirements. At the edge, the always-connected customer can enjoy augmented speed and capabilities, while businesses can leverage improved security and opportunities to further explore a range of use cases like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Augmented Reality (AR) services.

To facilitate the adoption of this network solution, New Continuum Data Centers, a leader in defining next-generation, multi-tenant data center services, has teamed up with AlefEdge, the edge internet specialist firm. Now, AlefEdge’s revolutionary suite of edge solutions will be available at New Continuum’s western Chicago facility, a convergence point for optical and logical networks, to enable and empower the surrounding communities.

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