Adding to their 8,000+ km of submarine cable, Ocean Networks, a developer of submarine cable systems with over 150 years of combined experience, announced their Caribbean Express (CX) Project, linking Florida and Panama. The project will connect West Palm Beach, Balboa, Cancun, and Cartagena with high speed, low latency connectivity. The cable system is designed for future connectivity to other countries along this route in the future.

For the project, ONI has engaged with Commenda Capital, an Atlanta Merchant Bank, to acquire funding for this cable system. John R. Runningen, a founder and principal of Commenda commented that, “The consumer demand for a new submarine cable system between Central America and the US is enormous. Traffic is nearly doubling every two years.” ONI Management has also confirmed several large corporate customers are interested in either a dedicated fiber pair or managed bandwidth as soon as the system is completed in 2024.

Submarine cable systems, like the Caribbean project, are critical to a multitude of Central and South American countries and their economies, providing easy access to new markets. Because of the systems strategic significance, ONI has positioned “Branching Units” across various strategic locations to easily enable future connectivity for governments and businesses. The completed CX will be the only system offering new dedicated dark fiber pairs in the Caribbean.

Read the full press release about Ocean Networks’ CX Project here.