By Gabe Cole, Executive Director, Open-IX Association

Open-IXThree new Board of Directors members will be welcomed by the Open-IX Association this Friday, October 2 during OIXA Annual General Meeting at Intergate. Manhattan. Comprised of volunteer representatives from the Internet community, the Open-IX board converges to create a better, safer, stronger, and fairer Internet.  Here’s a brief overview of the responsibilities with which board members are tasked:

As outlined on the OIXA website, the board of Open-IX helps OIXA community members, committees and stakeholders, as well as OIXA-certified data centers and IP exchanges, communicate with one another. This is an important job, as OIXA is a large national organization that is currently expanding its international presence. Communication among all members, regardless of affiliation or title, is paramount for success.

The board is responsible for overseeing and evaluating OIXA bylaws, financial policies and reviews. Board members are also responsible for helping to guide and direct OIXA while, at the same time, working to support a variety of executive organizational initiatives ranging from funding to staffing.

Are you an OIXA member in good standing?  If so, please vote by midnight on Wednesday.  Not an Open-IX member?  Become one by clicking here.

We hope to see you at the OIXA Annual General Meeting this Friday.  This will be a members-only event; for more information and to register, click here.

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