Open-IXAs the Open-IX Association continues to grow and gain notoriety within the industry, it becomes increasingly important to protect their brand and reserve their certifications and standards for only compliant Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and data centers across the nation.  In order to maintain the integrity of the institution and its standards, “OPEN-IX®” is now officially a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The coveted OPEN-IX certification and industry standards for IXPs and data centers, OIX-1 and OIX-2, are adopted across the industry for their enablement of a simplified neutral and distributed Internet exchange system.  The standards describe the technical and operational requirements IXPs and data centers should adhere to in order to become OPEN-IX certified.  Once certified, IXPs and data centers may utilize the OPEN-IX certification marks in internal and external corporate communications.  To date, the association has successfully certified 21 data centers and two exchanges.

OPEN-IX is a non-profit association established to promote a simplified neutral and distributed Internet exchange system. Organized and operated by volunteers from the Internet, the OPEN-IX Association aims to increase the reliability, resiliency and competitiveness of massive-scale interconnection for all.

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