PacnetPacnet unveiled another 350 racks with 3 megawatts of power in the second phase of their data center build-out in Australia’s largest city, Sydney.   As the Asia-Pacific region’s leading provider of integrated network and technology solutions for enterprises, service providers and carriers, Pacnet has closely monitored the increasing demand for high-density colocation and cloud services in Australia.

Sydney is a key part of Pacnet’s expansion plans and will continue to be a strategic locale to accommodate the region’s future growth.   Located in the central business district of Sydney at 133 Liverpool Street, the second phase of the Pacnet data center expansion delivers 13,950 new square feet (1,295 square meters) of gross Tier III data center space with an additional 350 racks and 3MW of total power to the facility.

The Pacnet Sydney data center is built to exacting standards for high availability environments and mission-critical equipment.  The facility is a great alternative for any organization to consider for colocation.  Combine that with a location in the Sydney central business district and you have an ideal choice for firms making a technology move using services through a cloud platform.  For companies viewing Asia as an opportunity for business expansion, the Sydney data center offers a gateway for cloud and data computing resources through interlinking to Pacnet’s other 27 facilities in the region, including China.

Through this expanded facility, Pacnet continues to strategically invest and grow its data center footprint in Asia-Pacific to address the high-power, high-performance and high-efficiency needs of global enterprises looking to deploy cloud applications and multi-site projects.

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