Self-optimizing network pioneer Reverb Networks produces stand-out technical and business benefits by assisting network engineers with real-time SON in Vietnam

Logo_900x350Sterling, Virginia, 24 September 2015 – Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has helped customer Viettel to deliver exceptional technical and business results during recent live network installations in Vietnam.

Reverb Networks SON system, InteliSON, showed impressive gains while operating in fully autonomous mode, with no human intervention. The InteliSON system made a large number of automatic changes to the network to greatly improve performance, productivity, stability and capacity, and also absorbed various maintenance changes to live network configuration applied by parallel manual engineering processes – fully automatically, without any need to stop or adjust the SON system.

Live network results included:-

100% increase in data utilization through load balancing in congested areas
24% reduction in call setup failures
18% reduction in dropped calls
50% improvement in dropped calls due to missing neighbors

“Reverb Networks have shown us remarkable performance, productivity and quality gains, and we are looking forward to extending those benefits by engaging across all ten of our national and international networks,” said Viettel Group CTO Mr. Ho Chi Dung. “With literally billions of daily transactions interacting with the network, automation is the only way to proactively manage customer experience. With Reverb Networks SON solution we have found an excellent balance between efficiency and effectiveness that helps keep our network operating with world-class performance and reliability.”

“While the performance results are very pleasing, what is also remarkable is the productivity gain we were able to create by solving network optimization issues which are normally impossible for human engineers to find,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO Reverb Networks. “A single engineer in charge of an RNC can typically handle the neighbor relations of up to 500-800 cells per week. By using InteliSON’s Automatic Neighbor Relations functions the same engineer can optimize thousands of cells simultaneously across a dozen RNCs, producing tens of thousands of effective and coordinated changes each day.”

As one example, the neighbor cell lists were overhauled by Reverb’s SON system, replacing non-performing neighbor cells with more appropriate, better performing candidates, improving stability and dropped call rates by as much as 50%.

“Another good example of SON intervention that cannot be matched by human vigilance is InteliSON’s unique ‘too-late handover’ function. Traditional processes only identify these cells after detrimental impact to the network has been reported by subscribers, but Reverb’s InteliSON can catch them as they happen and correct the issue instantly,” continued Kehler. “As one of the only truly automatic SON systems available today, we are very focused on autonomy – running the network without any human intervention. That’s what enables Reverb to deliver such impressive business and technical results literally within hours of installation.”