Seaborn, a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, and Infinera, a global supplier of innovative networking solutions, recently announced that they have launched new submarine network services on Seaborn’s AMX-1 submarine network segment, which connects the U.S. and Brazil.

The current global economy is heavily dependent on robust data connectivity — a demand that is underscored by increasing bandwidth requirements, bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud-based services. To more comprehensively meet these needs across the Americas, Seaborn serves as the operator of two leading cable systems, Seabras-1 and AMX-1, both of which are powered by Infinera solutions. Seaborn’s AMX-1 cable system provides transport, Ethernet private line and IP services on a geographically diverse path from its Seabras-1 cable, connecting Rio de Janeiro and Jacksonville, Florida, to offer customers high-capacity, low-latency connectivity services.

Now, enabled by Infinera’s XT Series submarine network platforms, which feature Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) technology, Seaborn’s new network boasts modernized architecture and industry-leading spectral efficiency. This enables the company to optically bypass cable landing stations and reduce network costs.

“Our longstanding relationship with Infinera and this collaboration have enabled us to cost-efficiently address our customers’ growing capacity demands with reliable, low-latency solutions purpose-built for subsea transport,” said Paul Cannon, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Seaborn. “Key factors in Seaborn’s selection of Infinera’s solutions are its history of consistently delivering industry-leading optical engines and the roadmap for its ICE6 800G generation technology.”

Seaborn’s connectivity solutions deliver the stability of diversified subsea and terrestrial routes, provisioning fault-resilient network architectures, improved security and enhanced quality of service. Combined with IP and Ethernet offerings, these leading services provide a solution-driven approach, ensuring Seaborn is seamlessly meeting the evolving needs of customers while exceeding their service expectations.

“We’re pleased to partner with Seaborn to provide submarine network services enabling the company to operate a resilient, high-capacity network,” said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President, Sales at Infinera. “Infinera’s optical engines consistently demonstrate proven benefits in subsea applications, delivering superior spectral efficiency while significantly lowering network costs. With Infinera’s optical engine, Seaborn has the network capacity needed today and can seamlessly upgrade its network in the future to Infinera’s ICE6 800G generation coherent technology with ease as bandwidth demands dictate.”

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