In the past, building a global connectivity footprint was no small undertaking. It was a complex, costly and time-consuming challenge, but thanks to recent advancements in the network-as-a-service industry, the process has become much more simple and direct.

One company working to make a difference in the global networking industry is PacketFabric. The organization has announced the availability of a new service, PacketDirect, which is a highly-scalable, dedicated point-to-point networking solution that is very easy to integrate, and comes backed by PacketFabric’s carrier-grade service level agreement (SLA).

Moving forward, PacketFabric customers have the option to leverage PacketDirect for direct connectivity between any two points on PacketFabric’s global private network. PacketFabric customers can use this service regardless of where they are located. This solution delivers reliable and secure data transport at speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps along with affordable and transparent monthly prices for both long-haul and metro networking.

PacketFabric SVP of Business Development, Jezzibell Gilmore, commented on her company’s cutting-edge new service.

“PacketDirect is an aggressively priced product that is designed to fulfill our customers’ needs for simple point-to-point network connectivity,” explained Ms. Gilmore. “By taking advantage of our automated SDN-based platform, PacketDirect dramatically reduces the amount of time required to procure and provision a point-to-point solution.”

PacketDirect is available for use at every PacketFabric-enabled location.

For more information about PacketDirect and for a complete list of pricing options, click here. To learn more about PacketFabric, click here.