Originally posted to Data Center POST

STACK INFRASTRUCTURE, the data center company built from the ground up to address the technology infrastructure needs of rapidly scaling enterprises and hyperscale businesses, recently announced plans to expand its Chicago data center campus.

The new development will be adjacent to STACK’s existing Chicago facility, which currently delivers 13MW of power and 221,000 square feet of space. The expansion campus, which spans 4 acres, will eventually house a multi-story data center that offers at least 20MW of additional critical capacity, bringing STACK’s Chicago data center campus to at least 33MW of critical power. The development will offer room for additional power to keep pace with the expanding demands and burgeoning growth of STACK’s hyperscale and enterprise clients.

“Chicago is one of a number of important and growing markets for our clients, and as a result, it is a key market for STACK. We’re committed to investing here so that we can continue to support our clients and stay ahead of their needs,” said Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of STACK. “In keeping with our core commitment to being a trusted partner, this project delivers on our promise to strategically evolve and align or offering with our clients’ growth trajectories.”

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