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TelecomTV at MEF16 – Travis Ewert, Senior VP, Global Network Software Development, Level 3 Communications explains how customer usage of on-demand services has evolved since the company first began offering dynamic capabilities several years ago.  What started as a single pain of glass – or one-stop shop user interface – for the customer has evolved to become more of a customer defined network with the introduction of programmability.  Programmability, for example, allows a customer to schedule service changes or tie changes to analytics. “They can actually pick a segment of their network and say when utilization does this, do this for me.”  These new capabilities have been well-received by customers and changed the dynamic of the customer relationship. The ultimate goal is to provide a feedback loop into SDN, orchestration, and control to “allow the network to make a change on your behalf based on how you define your experience.”  Looking at the industry more broadly, Travis advocates that MEF will need to work not only only on East-West APIs for control of orchestrated services across multiple operators, but also the exchange of data analytics and intelligence over consumable APIs.

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