Growing demand for bandwidth and QoS drives need for new generation of design and optimizations tools

IBuildNet_V3_2July 21, 2016: Telenor has completed a Supplier Agreement with Ranplan, an innovative and fast growing company that has developed a powerful range of tools for efficient and accurate in-building and outdoor/indoor wireless network planning and deployment. Ranplan has worked closely with the Telenor wireless network team based in Belgrade to ensure its iBuildNet® suite provides the advanced features and functionality required for the design and optimization of complex Macro, Small Cell, HetNet, DAS and Backhaul networks.

iBuildNet Professional is a cost-effective and flexible, all-in-one solution that includes 3D modelling with a fast and accurate 3D ray-tracing propagation engine, along with powerful data analysis to automatically optimise AP locations, antenna type, power and channel assignment for dense Small Cell and HetNet deployments. It also simplifies and unifies workflow and reporting along with asset, project and audit management.

“We are working closely with Ranplan to ensure that the iBuildNet product range supports the delivery of advanced HetNet solutions with advanced features such as CoMP and ICIC,” said Miodrag Dzamic, Senior Access Network Planning Expert at Telenor. “With increasing demand for wireless capacity and quality of service, Telenor is always looking for the very best tools and technologies to help meet these challenges. iBuildNet provides a powerful solution for the design and deployment of next generation in-building and outdoor wireless networks.”

“In addition to dealing with complex structures, terrains and materials, radio planning for outdoor / indoor environments also has to take into account issues such as interference with macro cells and support for multiple-system technologies,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO at Ranplan. “Our iBuildNet products represent a new generation of planning and optimization tools that meet these challenges and
reduce the cost of designing and deploying Small Cells and HetNets.”