Originally posted to Data Center POST

IT infrastructure is consistently being reshaped by the global Digital Transformation of business. In this ultra-competitive global economy, the demands placed on IT are changing much more rapidly than ever before or ever expected. 

The success of a business is now determined by new factors such as user experience, new business models, and increased rapid time-to-value. This dynamic environment not only increases expectations on the IT industry, but also on its leaders to present fundamental change. 

To ensure your company is properly keeping up with the demands of digital transformation, you must ensure you have a strong and secure digital infrastructure. Digital Infrastructure is defined by a focus on enabling business agility and powering user experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Business agility relates directly to your ability to respond to the changing needs of the business. Aspirations  and goals here need to be reframed with a realization that in the hyper-competitive world in which we all now operate time is the most critical factor. Infrastructure must now focus on the rapid creation, build and deployment of new products and services.

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