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The emergence of public, private and hybrid data clouds in proximity to leading colocation, managed services, and hyperscale players in Ireland has led industry observers to dub the nation as the “Home of the Hybrid Cloud.” The products and services that are hosted, stored, and exported from Ireland’s data centres are very much part of the country’s €71 Billion ICT services export industry. Despite the name, the cloud is a solid and physical entity. It consists of data centres connected by fibre-optic cables across the globe.

Recently, Host in Ireland Founder and President Garry Connolly conducted a video interview for Host News with Tanya Duncan, Managing Director of Interxion, and a member of the initiative’s Executive Committee. Interxion has been a strategic partner of Host in Ireland for the past four years. Not surprisingly, Ms. Duncan discussed the trend of multinational businesses migrating their data to the cloud and the importance of interconnection in today’s digital economy.

“Interxion’s data centres are highly-engineered, but more and more of our clients are coming to us because of the connectivity elements and the ability to connect privately to the cloud,” she commented, “especially as hybrid cloud has established itself as the way to go for so many businesses.”

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