If we start from the very translation of Layer Cake , this translates from English to Layered Cake.
So concretely, from the moment you have a birthday cakes online delivery hyderabad with layers, such as a dessert with an insert, or a cake with layers of biscuits and fodder, it is in itself a Layer Cake.

How to make a Layer Cake?

It’s very simple to make a Layer Cake. You need base on one side of the cake tiers, and on the other, creams of fodder. The goal then is to superpose these layers on each other by inserting them. The higher and greedy the cake, the more pleasure it is to see and taste! hihi (watch out for its stability anyway.
After, you can vary the pleasures by adding in the floors fruits, pieces of crushed candies, sweets or other greed!

What is the difference with a Naked Cake?

A Naked Cake is a cake that is not covered with dough.
So concretely, from the moment you make a Layer Cake and you do not put sugar on it (or other dough), it is actually a Naked Cake!

So a Layer Cake is not just that?

When we talk about Layer Cake on the Internet, often we only see cakes of this style; those who are covered with treats like kinders, ferrero or other candies etc.

So yes, indeed, it is usually a Layer Cake , because when cut, we can discover several layers of biscuits and toppings. But it’s not only that! You have many other kinds of Layer Cake !  I’ll even say the majority of Cake Design cakes, be it Naked Cakes, 3D Cakes, Rainbows Cakes, Ruffles Cakes, Rose’s Cakes, Gravity Cakes, Drip Cakes and all those kinds of Cakes, lol Well, these are Layer Cakes.
When cut, they are usually all pretty similar on the inside. And that’s it, it’s not more complicated than that! I hope I have helped you understand what a Layer Cake is , and that it will make you want to make one at your next meal with guests!