Originally posted to Data Center POST

Data centers are essential to daily life. From digital start-ups to global communications companies, and from banks to e-commerce giants, finding information at the click of a button has become a necessity. But, the convenience and speed of a digital economy can come with a significant cost to the environment.

It’s widely discussed that the data center industry is a contributor towards climate change and the pressure to reduce its environmental impact is high on the priority list of governments all over the world. When consulting firm McKinsey & Company analyzed the energy use of  the world’s largest data centers it found that less than a quarter of the energy consumption is used to perform computations. The remaining 75 percent is used to keep the servers idling in case of increased activity – a huge drain on resources. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to make energy-efficient and eco-friendly improvements to data center energy usage without negatively affecting the facilities themselves.

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