Originally posted by Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Global Capacity

Buying services at a manageable price, without sacrificing quality, is almost universally recognized as essential for any business.  Network Price IntelligenceTransparent competitive pricing, however, is more difficult in some industries and for certain products than others.  For example, comparing prices for a tablet online is relatively simple.  All it takes is a few Google searches or perhaps a product review or two and you are ready to place an order.  No sweat.

Now suppose you are an enterprise IT director looking to set up a multi-site wide area network.  Not quite so easy.  The options seem endless, and numerous considerations may influence your decision.  If you pay too much for network services, you are adding to your overhead unnecessarily, making it that much more difficult to turn an acceptable profit.  On the flipside, you can’t afford to forego quality to save money, because the network is the backbone of your business.  Choosing the wrong service can have a devastating impact on your business’ productivity, reputation and, ultimately, bottom line.

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