NANOG61With NANOG 61 being the 20th year celebration of NANOG, it’s no wonder that uptick and momentum for its programs and topical discussions continue grow.  The Educational Series courses were first introduced at NANOG 59.  The courses are offered on Sunday, preceding the conference, and provide educational opportunities for engineers to gain hands-on experience, enhancing their technical skills and enabling them to do their jobs more effectively.

For the first time, NANOG is offering two operational training courses, both taught by real world operators and designed to equip new and mid-career operators with the knowledge and resources to build a more solid professional foundation.  

Course A – Routing Fundamentals

Returning Instructor:  David Barak, Principal Architect for AT&T Consulting

The ‘Routing Fundamentals’ class will teach participants the theory and practice behind designing a reliable and stable network that is easier to troubleshoot and maintain.   The course examines the OSI Model, peering negotiations, IGPs and BGPs, as well as the principles and policy associated with routing.

Course B – Ipv6 Routing Fundamentals

Course Instructor – Brandon Ross, offering insights from 15 years of senior, technical management experience in network engineering

The ‘IPv6 Routing Fundamentals’ course is designed for network and system engineers looking to understand the new features and operational characteristics of networks that include IPv6.  The course will provide a solid introduction of IPv6, and the foundational knowledge to configure networking software, common operating systems and devices to migrate and support IPv6.

There are prerequisites for each program and the course fee is $300 – at least until May 25, 2014.  The course also includes a one-day attendance pass to NANOG 61, taking place in Bellevue, WA June 2-4, 2014; NANOG 61 is hosted by NTT Communications.  The educational program includes a continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and an evening social that offers the opportunity to network with NANOG attendees as they arrive onsite.

To register for ‘Routing Fundamentals’ and ‘IPv6 Routing Fundamentals’, and to find out more about the NANOG Education Series, NANOG and membership, meetings and sponsorship opportunities, visit