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Recently, Becky Cole and Bill Thomson of DC BLOX joined the StrategITcom podcast to discuss their career paths, as well as the plethora of opportunities to be found in data centers, both in a professional and career setting.

DC BLOX, as a multi-tenant data center operator in the Southeast, focuses on delivering mission-critical data center capabilities beyond the major metropolitan hubs. While there’s plenty of business and opportunity in these larger cities, smaller markets may not have the same population density, and therefore they don’t often get the same level of IT infrastructure investment. Still, with everyone demanding greater tech capabilities regardless of location, having critical IT infrastructure within reach is absolutely vital.

In order to keep pace with evolving mobile applications, IoT capabilities, AI applications or other demands for more data on a shorter timeline, keeping data local is important and delivering equitable opportunity is key. DC BLOX has looked at cities throughout the Southeast (such as Chattanooga, AL, Huntsville, AL, and recently Greenville, SC), recognizing that while the business needs in those markets are no different than the major cities, they remain underserved. To meet growing demands and help customers succeed in their digital transformation goals, DC BLOX builds smaller scale data centers to meet the size of the market with the same Tier III, high-performance capabilities that major metros receive.

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