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As the world is pushed to find new ways to thrive digitally in 2020, IT infrastructure has similarly been tasked with adjusting to new and evolving data requirements. The data center — a central enabler for today’s digital economy — is modernizing quickly to ensure organizations and communities can leverage vital applications, innovations and seamless online experiences. Still, in a highly competitive and rapidly changing data landscape, how are these facilities keeping pace?

To offer an in-depth view of data center modernization, Chris Gatch, Chief Technology Officer of DC BLOX, recently joined a panel titled “Data Center Modernization in 2020.” Also participating on the panel were a number of industry peers: Brad King, Co-Founder and Field CTO of Scality; Dan Pitt, President of Palo Alto Innovation Advisors and Simon Ratcliffe, Technology Evangelist at Ensono. Throughout this presentation, these industry thought leaders offered insights into why the modern data center needs to be software‐defined, how to overcome the challenge of managing private and public clouds and how to ensure security and compliance. 

Cloud was one of the major talking points throughout this discussion — as it has been across the entire technology and business landscape for some time. In terms of hybrid cloud strategies gaining momentum, Gatch observes that customers are grappling with what belongs in the public cloud at a distance versus what requires local deployment. To get the best of both and optimize all sorts of workloads, enterprises, local governments and research institutions are establishing localized infrastructure for their own purposes while also pushing appropriate apps out to the cloud. 

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