Fresh off the heels of its asset acquisition by Digital Alpha, Unitas Global, has signed a strategic alliance agreement with PacketFabric, the leading provider of on-demand connectivity for the enterprise cloud core. The partnership alliance between the two Digital Alpha portfolio companies is set to bolster network bandwidth capacity, extend SDN to the edge, and add new cloud access points, with plans for extensive platform integration. The partnership offers significant expansion opportunities for both its next generation networking platforms.

The two providers were an ideal match to pair up, as expanded interconnection of their networks and platform technologies further extends the edge of software defined services out to the enterprise, creating an edge to everywhere offering unmatched in the industry. The companies plan to expand and overlay PoPs to the other’s locations in order to gain expanded market reach, while network interconnections at 100+ shared POPs globally will drive further platform integration.

PacketFabric will expand customer connectivity options through its on-demand portal with  Unitas Reach™ connectivity services, which includes last-mile access to 50M+ enterprise locations and High Performance Internet service. Unitas Global will point demand from enterprises at PacketFabric’s middle mile and cloud connectivity services via its automated design and pricing platform, Unitas Nexus™.

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