For years, wholesale data center professionals have been theorizing about using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to reduce the risk of downtime. Now, this is finally happening.

ROOT Data Center recently became the first wholesale data center provider in the world to use AI and machine learning to predict and mitigate outages. The company is now working with AI and machine learning enabler Litbit and will be collaborating from inside of ROOT’s Montréal-based facility.

With this exciting advancement, ROOT has significantly enhanced its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) strategy. Moving forward, the company can leverage deep datasets to manage and monitor the overall stats of critical systems inside of its facility. The machine learning and AI systems will help ROOT to better predict and handle possible failures before they happen. As such, ROOT will be able to more avoid, rather than recover, from network outages.

“Reliability and uptime are key considerations for any data center user, ranging from cloud service providers, to hosting companies, video game developers and other large-scale IT organizations,” commented AJ Byers, President and CEO, ROOT Data Center. “At ROOT Data Center, we’ve made 100 percent uptime a top priority, and working with Litbit, we’ve pioneered the next wave of machine learning within data center operations to get us closer.  Today, we’re proud to say that ROOT is championing the use of cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to reduce the risk of downtime for customers of all sizes.”

Root’s new AI system will work alongside existing personnel as a partnership between technology and humans. Litbit provides AI Personas and machine-learning sensors trained by experienced data center technicians that can identify signs that fault could be possible. ROOT can now use this technology to enhance their facility monitoring and reduce the risk of unplanned outages.

“Business is everywhere and always in the data center more than anywhere else, but people can’t be,” stated Scott Noteboom, CEO of Litbit. “That is the promise of AI, to help provide constant and intelligent oversight of the spaces and machines in a data center to improve business outcomes.  We are proud to be working with ROOT to make good on that promise.”

While many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and large hosting companies migrate their data center operations to Montréal due to the cooler climate, low electricity rates and low-latency connectivity to New York City and Boston, the risk of facility downtime still remains. As a result of machine learning and AI integration, ROOT Data Center is attracting new digital enterprise investment throughout Montréal, making the region a top choice for advanced colocation services.

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