Q&A with TelecomNewsRoom’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Mitul Patel is the Head of EMEA Data Center Research at CBRE. CBRE’s EMEA Data Center Solutions team is the world’s largest data center real estate advisory group. Mitul’s key responsibilities include producing CBRE’s European research insights, which includes the flagship European Data Centers MarketView quarterly report, as well as bespoke consulting projects for a range of clients.

TelecomNewsRoom recently had the opportunity to discuss Mitul’s upcoming participation in Kick-Start Amsterdam 2018 (KA 18), the growth of the data center industry in Amsterdam, and the need to open collaborative two-way dialogues with industry stakeholders. KA 18 — the European Conference on Trends & Investments in the Connectivity, Data Center and Cloud industry — will take place on January 24, at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

TelecomNewsRoom, Kathy Xu (TNR-KX) Question: What are you most eager to share with attendees at KA 18 and to learn from fellow speakers?

CBRE, Mitul Patel (CBRE-MP) Answer: I am most eager to share our insight into this key European market. Amsterdam has seen large growth in the past few years to become one of the most active hubs in Europe. CBRE spends a lot of time in the market from a transactional, operational and research perspective, so we are keen to share our views and predictions for the market. I am looking to learn about how those who spend every day on the other side, whether developers, providers or occupiers, view the market and what challenges may lie ahead.

TNR-KX Q: What shifts in the market are you expecting to see in 2018? What can we do now to prepare?

CBRE-MP A: We expect to see more development in the market with significant new developers and end-users, especially from mainland Europe, the U.S., and China, looking to make a move to Amsterdam. As with any market that sees substantial new development, the availability of land and power is crucial to facilitate this development. So, keeping abreast of those two factors will be important. Like elsewhere, investment through acquisition could play a key role in providing a new company access to the market.

TNR-KX Q: KA 18’s focus is on increasing collaboration across industry subsets to further the industry as a whole. What does that mean to you and what are you doing to help realize that goal?

CBRE-MP A: The data centre industry is still very opaque; people are guarded about what they say and to whom, often for good reason. It’s important to build the right relationships with other professionals in the sector because trust goes a long way. At CBRE, I am looking to make the conversations that I have with professionals in the market more collaborative and two-way. The industry is still relatively finite, so there is a benefit to everyone from working together and collaborating.

TNR-KX: Thank you for your time today and best of luck at KA 18! To learn more about CBRE Data Center Solutions, click here.