Original article published on Data Center POST

The gaming industry continues to skyrocket, growing through the enablement of technology and cloud-connectivity capabilities. However, the same question still remains, has cloud gaming truly been enhanced? Cloud gaming providers are looking to make serious changes to make their services more attractive and reliable. For example, both Microsoft and Google are taking further steps into enhancing the benefits of cloud gaming, how are others doing the same?  Read on to learn what DE-CIX is doing to up the ante on cloud gaming capabilities. 

DE-CIX, the operator of the world’s largest neutral multi-service interconnection fabric, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, conducted an online survey to gamers, to learn why cloud gaming isn’t attractive to them. The major findings from the survey were: 

  1. Gamers say they are not familiar enough with the system and how it works 
  2. Gamers assume they have to own suitable hardware for cloud gaming 
  3. Gamers say they don’t really find the offering attractive 
  4. Gamers don’t trust the technology 
  5. Gamers cite a slow internet connection as a reason for not looking further into cloud gaming 

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