By Mark D. Hearn, CEO and President of Network Control

Telecom Expense Management is a complicated world, and while most companies desire to keep that in-house, the reality is that it isn’t always practical. Often, the complexity of managing the various components of telecom, which include inventory, computing, invoices, and dealing with vendors, is far beyond the IT staff’s capabilities, especially if they’re already overburdened.

In this article, we’re going to look at why it’s better to hire a dedicated TEM provider as opposed to purchasing software and trying to keep everything in-house. Keeping it in house will also make easier for telecom provisioning.

A TEM Provider Can More Quickly Identify Problems

Since a dedicated TEM provider is trained in what to look for, they’re better equipped to know when you’re spending too much money on services and hardware. Your TEM provider is an expert at finding waste quickly, thus saving you money.

It Frees Up Your IT Department

Your IT department has their hands full with the work they were hired to do, but when you add in TEM software management, you’re putting more work on them, which means something is going to slip, and that’s inefficient.

TEM Providers Are More Reliable

A dedicated TEM provider is made up of experts in the field, meaning when you have a question or problem, you can go straight to them and get an answer quickly. If you’re using software, and you need help, good luck getting help with their support, and even if you manage to get through, you’ll probably end up waiting longer for an answer than if you had a professional to speak to.

TEM Providers Save You Money

It’s natural to see the expense of hiring a TEM provider and think that you are spending too much, but when you think about what you’re wasting year in, and year out with unused services and paying incorrect invoices, you’ll be saving money over the long term.

TEM Providers Provide Total Solutions Packages

A TEM provider is better equipped than a software program to assess the unique needs of your business and then recommend the best equipment and services to make it happen.

TEM Providers Make You More Aware of Your Products

Every telecom-related product and service has pros and cons, and using a software package won’t alert you to issues that can cost you time and money. A dedicated TEM provider helps you navigate the pitfalls of your products and services and gives you the best recommendations for your business.

TEM Providers Give Personal Insights

When you’re dealing with a human who has a deep understanding of the telecom industry and your business, you’re bound to get better insights from them as opposed to a software package. Also, when something doesn’t seem right, your TEM provider is accountable in a way that software isn’t.

If you’re thinking about getting help with your company’s telecom assets, you owe it to your business and your bottom line to check out what a dedicated TEM provider can do for you. Because making sure your network inventory management is always in tip top shape is a  good idea for business.


About the Author: 

As CEO and President, Mark D. Hearn leads the vision and direction of Network Control. He has been an active steward in the telecommunications management marketplace since 1987 and is recognized as a pioneer in the TEM industry, having started one of the first software based TEM companies