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Join Connectivity Wireless at their Summer Celebration in Chicago

Connectivity Wireless Solutions

Connectivity LogoAn ever-growing influx of users is driving the demand for connectivity and wireless service across the globe.  Connectivity Wireless ensures wireless service inside your building through a comprehensive professional suite of engineering, installation, and maintenance services.

Connectivity Wireless is a nationwide leader in in-building wireless solutions.  The company recently announced they would host their first annual Summer networking event in Chicago on July 30, 2013 at the Chicago Yacht Club – Monroe Harbor.  This event, dubbed Connectivity’s Summer Celebration, brings together a wide variety of DAS and small cell industry peers and colleagues as well as end-users in government, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, and commercial real estate.

Connectivity’s Summer Celebration opens a door to partners, customers, vendors, and prospects interested in learning about DAS and small cell technologies enabling wireless connectivity solutions throughout the area.  It is a great opportunity to network and learn about how we can fix the connectivity issues so many of us face.

Sponsorship opportunities are available including Premium, Associate and Partner Packages.  All sponsorships include invitations for the sponsors as well as their direct customers and prospects.  Ticket package bundles of 10 or more are substantially discounted from the individual ticket price of $80.00, which includes admission to the social, access to a 3-hour open bar and heavy appetizers from 5:30 to 8:30pm.

To register for Connectivity’s Summer Celebration, click here.

For more information about Connectivity Wireless and their in-building wireless solutions, visit

Open Data Centers’ Piscataway Facility Selected to Host iAreaNet’s Cloud-based Office Solutions

Odclogo1On July 9th 2013, Open Data Centers proudly announced that their data center in Piscataway, New Jersey was selected to host iAreaNet’s cloud-based office solutions.

iAreaNet’s goal is to provide businesses with an array of technology solutions.  The company does this through its iAreaOffice, or “Office-in-the-Cloud” suite, which includes phone service, integrated unified communications, hosted exchange, conferencing, and applications.  Their state-of-the-art technology infrastructure provides customers with data, voice, collaboration, and mobile connectivity through one comprehensive IT and communications solution.

Open Data Centers’ Piscataway location was an ideal complement to iAreaNets’ geographically dispersed facilities in both California and Georgia.  The Piscataway location ensures iAreaNet’s customers receive the highest level of service, complete with the greatest uptime, disaster prevention, and instant access to their mission-critical business data.

Open Data Centers’ facility boasts 15,000 square feet of scalable data center space, complete with advanced monitoring and security, N+1 redundant connectivity, reliable power, and maximum uptime capabilities.  These specifications guaranteed by Open Data Centers’ Piscataway data center make the facility ideal for housing cloud solutions and carrier Points of Presence (PoPs), as well as the colocation of data-rich applications requiring high bandwidth and optimal security.

To learn more about Open Data Centers and its Piscataway, NJ facility, visit or email:


Server Farm Realty and DSA Encore Partner in the Development of New Windstream Data Center

Server Farm Realty

SFRlogoServer Farm Realty, LLC (SFR) has partnered with DSA Encore, the nation’s leading provider of data center solutions, to purpose-build a state-of-the-art data center for one of the nation’s premier providers of enterprise-class managed hosted solutions – Windstream Communications.

The new data center will be Windstream’s fourth Charlotte facility and seventh data center in North Carolina.  Equipped to house Windstream’s comprehensive suite of cloud computing, dedicated hardware, managed services and disaster recovery solutions, the joint operation by Server Farm Realty LLC and DSA Encore will provide Windstream with a data center boasting top of the line capabilities and infrastructure.

CEO of Server Farm Realty Avner Papouchado recently described the Charlotte facility as the “epitome of SFR’s commitment to innovative, efficient and flexible data center design.”

“Our success in developing the Charlotte data center demonstrates an ability to serve the critical connectivity, colocation, and overall data center needs of enterprise organizations such as those served by Windstream, in turn enabling them to reciprocate that same superior service and success onto their customers,” he added.

Along with its fully redundant, 2N modular design for as-needed, seamless capacity expansion, the new Windstream facility features access to multi-tenant infrastructure, such as Enterprise Cloud, EMC and NetApp SAN/NAS, F5, high-capacity, burstable and carrier-neutral Internet connectivity, 1215kW of day 1 usable UPS capacity, GTM/LTM platforms, as well as Cisco and Juniper network and security platforms, 24×7, on-site Network Operations Centers (NOCs), true A- and B-side power distribution, high-efficiency chillers, state-of-the-art fire suppression, and more.

For more information about Server Farm Realty, its data centers in Santa Clara, CA; Chicago, IL; Moses Lake, WA; Toronto, ON; and Charlotte, NC, as well as its build-to-suit, custom data center solutions, visit


Perseus Clocks Sub-Nanosecond UTC Timescale in Equinix’s London Slough Campus


Sub-nanosecond FINRA Provable Timestamp; Live in the US and Europe for Global Synchronization of Trading Systems

LONDON – 03 July 2013 – Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of ultra-low latency, high capacity networks from market-to-market, today announced its High Precision Time™ offering that provides deterministic synchronization with the US timescale UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) assisting firms balance enterprise systems and meet regulation guidelines.

Regulatory mandates and technological efficiencies continue to drive the need for more transparency in low latency high speed trading. This has pushed firms to move low latency policies deeper through the stack from the wire to the chipset, garnering the need to ingest provable time more accurately. Widespread deployment of time platforms use a combination of GPS time data and NTP (Network Time Protocol) for the delivery of time, where both are proving less reliable with high latency time synchronization despite the growth of market data and faster processing speeds across financial markets.

The Perseus time service utilizes 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second), an electrical signal Perseus uses to condition a customer server clock with the highest precision time data delivery backed by a Perseus SLA of less than one nanosecond. Other Perseus technologies such as fiber-optic and wireless connectivity with proximity colocation, all contribute to condition local grandmaster atomic clocks that feed time at electrical pulse speeds to customer trading systems and applications.

Stewart Orrell, Managing Director, Global Capital Markets at Equinix commented, “We are very pleased to have Perseus provide new critical infrastructure for certifiable time data across the Equinix ecosystem both in the US and now in Europe. Having financial firms able to reference UTC time data across existing trading ecosystems helps meet client requirements as they communicate and trade from market to market.”

The atomic clock installation at the Equinix LD4 datacenter was built to serve local and international broker dealers and the buy-sides such as High Frequency Trading firms. This new environment allows participants to interoperate their extremely fast market data, algorithmic and order execution servers in a colocated LAN environment a few feet from the Perseus atomic clocks and the markets of the Aquis Exchange, BATS-Chi-X, BOAT, ICAP EBS, Nasdaq OMX NLX, Turquoise and the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Andrew Kusminsky, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer at Perseus said, “Rolling out High Precision Time™ in Equinix datacenters is one of our key strategies to help our financial customers performing at the lowest latency speeds in global markets. The Perseus precision time services help to mitigate risk, meet new stringent financial compliance guidelines, and ensure HFT systems are consistently accurate as they trade over our ultra low-latency networks including QuanTA, LiquidPath® and wireless/microwave.”

# # #

About Perseus Telecom

Perseus Telecom is an award winning global, facilities based licensed carrier of enterprise and telecommunications services with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity. Perseus provides the fastest recognized routes between the New York and Brazil exchange markets, was recently awarded for QuanTA the fastest trans-Atlantic route between New York and London and also operates the fastest route between London and Frankfurt over its high-tech wireless/microwave service.

Perseus connects the globe with significant points of presence New York, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Mexico, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow, Madrid, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.

For more information about Perseus, please visit or contact us at +1 (212) 300-6813 or


Dan Watkins

+1(347) 394-3068

Looking to Ensure Your Disaster Recovery Plan? Lam Cloud is Your Answer

LAM Cloud Management

July 1, 2013 took New Jersey by storm, literally.  With torrential rains, huge gusts of wind and tornado touch downs confirmed in the State of New Jersey, it is just another reminder to ensure our businesses have a continuity and disaster recovery plan for any time of the year.  The storm report for 2013 has already touted increased chances of Hurricanes.  Since we are not in the Midwest, we often forget that Tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions can affect the New York metro area, and on a moment’s notice.

I remember yesterday receiving text warnings of potential flood conditions.  Looking out the window, it appeared overcast, damp – the humidity sat in the air.  In about 5 minutes from the receipt of the warning, torrential rains poured down.  Within another fifteen minutes I looked out the window to watch a heavy stream of water pouring down the street.  This type of weather pattern is quickly becoming the norm for the Northeast.  Couple these storms with winds, high tides, and an already saturated ground, the chances of floods, downed trees causing downed wires, structural damage to buildings and homes is inevitable.

While businesses can’t protect the homes of their employees or ensure their ability to perform their jobs during these stormy LAM Cloud Logoconditions, companies must ensure their business operations remain online, accessible and functional at all times.  Lam Cloud Management operates a fully integrated data center, business continuity, disaster recovery and workplace recovery facility in Cranbury, N.J.  Just off exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike, the facility is highly fortified with secure infrastructure and provides businesses locally and beyond a dependable facility to ensure their business operations.  Not just for the technology brains of a company, Lam Cloud’s facility provides workplace recovery solutions that enable employees to continue to do their job, even if your corporate facilities are inaccessible.

Stormy weather doesn’t mean your business must ride the waves, battening down the hatches, hoping it will stay together and afloat.  Lam Cloud’s solutions provide you that business assurance so that you can focus on the needs of your customers, provide a safe haven for employees and continue business operations regardless of what Mother Nature spurs on us.