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Month: October 2013

Lerner Enterprises: Cleaning Up with the Silver Bullet Solution

As one of the largest private real estate developers in Washington, D.C., Lerner Enterprises is no stranger to aggregating information and storing it in its large data centers.  But Lerner was facing some common problems experienced by many large organizations: data centers are expensive and are an environmental burden. In fact, they often use as many resources as a small city—one of the most widely used operational elements being water.  Water is used in data centers to combat the excessive amount of heat that is generated from servers that are constantly in use.  Surprisingly, a single data center can use upwards of 360,000 gallons of water every day.  This water, which is stored in cooling towers, must be treated in order to prevent corrosion, scaling and the formation of mineral deposits.  If left untreated, dangerous microorganisms can also grow that can be harmful to humans. The Silver Bullet Solution Lerner wanted to do its part to promote eco-friendly data centers without going bankrupt in the process.  Since water plays an integral role in ensuring system uptime, the development company needed to find an affordable cleansing solution. As a solution, Lerner implemented the Silver Bullet Water Treatment Solution, an electro-chemical system that conditions water to disinfect and de-alkalize the liquid.  The water treatment technology has been found to remove 99.8 percent of bacteria in cooling towers, as well as the growth...

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Clearing the smoke and mirrors –

At the IPX Summit, London, TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) today announced the launch of containing an interactive set of web resources and a comprehensive IPX Q&A, the site also features presentations and blog posts from industry thought-leaders. With a cumulative experience in the information and communications technology sector surpassing 60 years, current contributors include: Simon Dodsworth, VP Voice and Mobile, TSIC; Bernd Hoogkamp, Director of Product Management Voice and Mobile, TSIC; Simon Sherrington, Founder, Innovation Observatory; and Peter Nas, Solution Engineer, F5 Networks. “In August, the GSM Association counted 206 4G-LTE commercially launched networks in 79 countries. With many more in deployment, that’s a rapid take up since the first 4G-LTE networks were launched in Sweden and Norway in 2009.” says Simon Dodsworth, VP Voice & Mobile, TeliaSonera International Carrier.“The key to supporting 4G-users ‘home’ network experience when visiting another mobile network when travelling abroad, is IPX. Yet there is widespread confusion about what IPX actually is.” Bernd Hoogkamp, Director, Product Management, Voice and Mobile, speaking at the conference said, “With IPX networks and services still being defined, industry analysts have highlighted a considerable lack of understanding around IPX. TeliaSonera International Carrier is home of the TeliaSonera IPX, part of the TeliaSonera group of 17 mobile operators, and talks to interested parties about IPX every day. We want to share and raise the level of understanding to move IPX forward, assembling high quality...

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Global Capacity Adds New One Marketplace PoP in Pittsburgh, PA

Global Capacity recently announced the expansion of One Marketplace into the 22nd largest market in the United States, Pittsburgh, PA, via a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the 2500 Allegheny Center Mall.  The PoP satisfies growing demand for access network connectivity and competitive market rates, providing an additional interconnectivity and access point for customers in the Northeast as well as surrounding regions. Pittsburgh serves as a gateway to the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast, enabling businesses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as those located throughout rural Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, with easy access to the One Marketplace PoP.  Located within a 315-mile radius of the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York Metro areas, the PA PoP also allows Global Capacity customers to connect clients locally to Internet services providers, MSPs, and Cloud application providers.  2500 Allegheny Center Mall is home to a variety of interconnects including Comcast, CenturyLink, Fibertech, Lumos Networks and AT&T, amongst others.  This broad selection of new carrier networks and Internet backbones provides One Marketplace customers with access to diverse route options, competitive pricing and a wide range of services. One Marketplace offers an interconnected, physical network aggregation platform with a cloud-based application that automates the design, pricing, and ordering of network solutions.  The platform provides customers with bi-directional interconnections and enhances market-competitive opportunities for buyers and sellers.  It also enables businesses to increase the breadth and reach of their network...

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