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Month: December 2015

Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief for IoT Evolution Predicts, 2016 is the Year of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable the Next Industrial and Business Revolution Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief for IoT Evolution and TMC today announced his projections for IoT in 2016. IoT is not a single technology but the latest convergence of tiny computing devices like sensors with wireless networks leveraging the tremendous processing power of the cloud. It’s changing how businesses operate, how wars are fought, how crops are watered and how goods and services are transported. Few industries are able to claim responsibility for ushering in the next industrial revolution, but IoT, with its loosely connected sensing products and smart software, can. “The IoT industry is experiencing massive growth and some estimates say we will see as many as 50 billion connected devices by 2020,” said Tehrani. “Roughly everything you purchase will be connected, smart and potentially able to shift behavior. IoT will usher in the third Industrial Revolution and has the ability to change many markets—all at once.” IoT is supporting better healthcare, allowing people to live longer and healthier lives. The dollar volumes in manufacturing and wellness are guaranteed growth by the arbitrage related to the savings and improved results. The Technology also enables smart farming where the precise amount of water can be delivered. IoT also allows a thief to be safely tracked by air with a drone or by ground with tracking systems embedded...

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Wireless Broadband Alliance White Paper Shines Light on Monetization Potential of Wi-Fi Roaming for Operators

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), the leading global industry association focused on driving next generation Wi-Fi and its role in Public Wi-Fi services, today published a comprehensive white paper outlining the commercial potential and technical aspects of Wi-Fi Roaming. It includes details of technical options and roaming business models, leveraging insights from leading global operators within the ecosystem who have already deployed their Next Generation Hotspot networks and established wireless roaming agreements. The white paper was prepared by Alliance members including telecoms giants AT&T, Boingo, BT, Comcast, NTT DOCOMO, Liberty Global and Orange and key technology partners & hub providers Accuris Network, Point Dume/ AIRI HK, BSG Wireless, Cisco, CableLabs, iPass and Syniverse. WBA research estimates that as many as 70% of travellers choose not to use traditional mobile roaming services, instead relying on Wi-Fi networks to stay connected. The white paper identifies opportunities for Service Providers to harness people’s familiarity and acceptance of Wi-Fi to create new services and products that encourage greater roaming usage and generate enhanced revenues. It also includes a template business model available to WBA members and case studies by leading service providers such as AT&T, Boingo, Comcast and NTT DOCOMO demonstrating the revenue and end user benefits from offering Wi-Fi roaming. “The WBA has always been focused on enabling the best possible experience for the end user, working to bring an ever more cellular-like experience to Wi-Fi,” said Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of the WBA. “This white paper, developed in conjunction with our members, proves the commercial potential and...

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Telecom Leader Wilcon, Expanding, Celebrates 17 Years In Downtown Los Angeles

In response to the burgeoning renaissance in downtown Los Angeles, fiber-optic pioneer Wilcon today announced it’s increasing its work force to service tenants within the major, multi-tenant buildings in Los Angeles. The expansion will include new hires in both the sales and network engineering teams. In the 17 years since the West Coast telecom leader built one of downtown Los Angeles’ first private fiber-optic network, the company has expanded to include more than 3,000 miles of fiber-optic networks and created interconnections with more than 300 global networks and cloud service providers. “We are committed supporters of the revival of downtown Los Angeles as a center of business and technology,” said Jon DeLuca, chief executive officer of Wilcon. “It’s been immensely gratifying to see the resurgence of the area that we have called home since 1998. We are committed to supporting the city and local businesses by improving bandwidth availability to fuel the exciting changes here. A vibrant urban core requires the latest in broadband connectivity, Wilcon is dedicated to being at the forefront of these efforts.” Based in the iconic One Wilshire Building, one of the most digitally connected buildings in the country, Wilcon is the pre-eminent provider of fiber transport and colocation in the Los Angeles central business district and has an expansive fiber reach throughout Southern California. “Downtown Los Angeles is quite fortunate to have such a...

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USA FIBER and Montgomery County Focus on the Future of a Fiber Connected World

USA FIBER, a company that engineers, builds and operates mission critical dark fiber networks for clients in the telecommunications, Internet, data center, government, research & education and enterprise space, has joined forces with Montgomery County Maryland and their leading ultraMontgomery program to interconnect the respective fiber networks. ultraMontgomery is a keystone of County Executive Ike Leggett’s Six-Point Economic Plan. Mr. Leggett said, “We live at a time when Internet connectivity and network infrastructure is just as fundamental to our economic future as are transportation systems.  We must have robust fiber networks to connect people with opportunities and move our economy at the speed of our ideas. USA FIBER’s investment to add core fiber infrastructure to the market is an important step for our community to serve our major businesses, research corridors and transit-oriented communities.” USA FIBER has agreed to interconnect its new Ashburn to Baltimore core fiber route to the County’s communications network, FiberNet, which connects over 450 buildings in Montgomery County. Interconnecting the FiberNet network, approximately 570 route miles, of which 130 miles are underground, that the County has built to key buildings and campuses, back to the core low latency underground route USA FIBER has under construction, will open up new research, workforce development and technology growth opportunities for educational and government agencies in Montgomery County.  In addition, as part of its ultraMontgomery program,Montgomery County will connect...

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Crisis and Reputation Management In the Age of Social Media

Author: Sarah Marsden, Social Media Manager at iMiller Public Relations “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” P.T. Barnum, the 19th century American showman and businessman, once famously said. Nevertheless, ask the shareholders of BP and Volkswagen, two companies that suffered precipitous falls in their market price as result of worldwide publicizing of their recent difficulties, and they might not agree. For most organizations, especially in the age of social media, if you are the talk of the town, the reasons why do matter. That’s because bad news always has the potential to negatively impact your business standing and brand, particularly if malfeasance, or the perception of it, is involved. Crisis and reputation management has long been a critical component of maintaining a solid business profile. A company is only as strong as their presence within the market and greater community, and maintaining a strong reputation is a critical element to commercial success and brand longevity. As we venture further into the digital age, the ways in which businesses and consumers communicate are constantly changing and adapting to new technologies and platforms, allowing stakeholders to create ongoing dialogues, and share and receive information faster than ever before. The emergence and proliferation of social media has influenced the distribution of information at exponential proportions. The capability of a group or individual to share information and opinions to an extensive audience in...

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