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J.Patrick+Associates LogoWhile most people cannot succeed in a job hunt that would require relocation, the good news is that executives have an edge: good executives are hard to come by.

As a result, long distance recruiters may be willing to hear you out if you present yourself properly. Use the tips below to improve your long-distance resume.

Have a local address.

Having a local address on your resume shows the recruiter your commitment to move. You can use a friend or family address as your formatting your resume for a long distance job hunttemporary location. Another option to consider is using a PO Box located within the targeted location—but then use the physical address where the PO Box is located as your address, when you need to list one, with PO Box as a suite number or apartment number.

If that’s not possible, then just list the city you are targeting at the top of your resume, at the minimum. Your primary objective here is letting the recruiter know you’re moving no matter what or give the initial impression that you are already in that location—you can explain when you get the interview phone call what the situation is.

Present yourself as an expert—don’t change careers at the same time.

Most people rely on communicating their task expertise when doing a long-distance job hunt. The result is they get nowhere. Additionally, when doing a long-distance job search, now is not the time to do a career change, as well. Capitalize on your current skill set to make the move, then once you move, change your profession/industry.

If you want a company in another city or state to consider y
our candidacy you must outline why it is worth their time to consider hiring someone outside of the local workforce. The way to do this is by presenting yourself as an expert who specializes in a certain skill by showcasing achievements.

The idea behind being specialized is that you are very good at a specific thing, which the accomplishment history to prove it. You can start by figuring out what it is you don’t do. For example, if you’re a Chief Financial Officer, such you should focus on the unique financial triumphs on your resume.

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