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10 Programs Leading the Way for Girls in Tech

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According to The National Center for Women in IT, tech companies with women in management positions achieve 34% higher return of investment.

34% higher return.

And yet women still only occupy 26% of the over 4 million computer science related positions in the country, and account for only 11% of executives in Fortune 500 tech companies.

Cybersecurity Needs More Women: Here’s How to Fix the Problem

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One of the cornerstones of an effective cybersecurity strategy is agility and the ability to think ahead of the curve. In order to defend against, or better yet stave off attacks you need a team with a diverse set of skills and abilities. Research conducted by Catalyst found that diversity is key to an organizations ability to inspire higher levels of performance, productivity and creativity, which in turn lead to better employee satisfaction and retention.

Do You Have the Skills You Need to Become an IT Project Manager?

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As the IT field increases to expand, so does the demand for qualified Project Managers. This role not only demands technical expertise, but also cohesive soft skills. This complex position can be broken down into three categories of expertise: Business Management, Human Resource Management, and IT skills.

4 Ways Your Executive Arrogance Is Keeping You from Getting Hired

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoOne pet peeve that really irritates a recruiter or potential employer is when a candidate shows even a little bit of executive arrogance. If you do come off as arrogant the chances of being hired decrease significantly. Simply put, people only hire people they like.

4 Secrets to Formatting Your Resume for a Long-Distance Job Hunt

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoWhile most people cannot succeed in a job hunt that would require relocation, the good news is that executives have an edge: good executives are hard to come by.

As a result, long distance recruiters may be willing to hear you out if you present yourself properly. Use the tips below to improve your long-distance resume.

6 Most Effective Ways to Customize Your Executive Resume – Part 2

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoIn this two-part series, you will learn the six most effective ways to customize your executive resume and get the attention of any hiring manager. Be sure to check out Part 1 here. The last three steps are reviewed below.

5 Powerful Ways to Incorporate Soft Skills Into Your Executive Resume

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoUp until relatively recently companies thought that hard skills are what would get them their bottom line.

Now we’ve come to realize that soft skills are just as important when it comes to growing a company. Soft skills are considered to be behaviors and traits such as adaptability, critical thinking, people skills, likeability, time management and so forth.

5 Social Media Mistakes Made by Executive Job Searchers

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoHiring managers and recruiters are using social media more than ever to find and pre-screen candidates, and they’re not just using LinkedIn. As a result it’s important to avoid some of these major social media mistakes while doing your executive job search.

Cloud Job Market: Preparing for the Zettabyte Era

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoAccording to Cisco, two-thirds of all traffic moving forward will be delivered through the cloud. This makes it official: we are now in the zettabyte era of cloud technology. In fact, IDC predicts that the volume of digital content will soon increase by 48 percent to 2.7 ZB.

Data Center IaaS: The Next Frontier

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J.Patrick+Associates LogoRight now, there are two industries targeted for tremendous growth over the coming year: data centers and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers.  Why exactly are these two infrastructure solutions thriving?  The answer lies in the demand for insatiable access to information and big data.  More than ever before, large enterprises are now focusing on collecting, storing and transferring information.  This information needs to be transported and housed in data centers, on equipment that is scalable, optimized and efficient.  What started solely as ‘server farms’ or simple storage facilities has grown into a fixture of enterprise organizations across the globe – spurring companies to invest heavily in their physical infrastructure as well as the professionals that design, implement and manage these solutions now and in the years to come.