Enterprises use cloud computing to optimise resource utilization and build business models and market strategies that will enable them to grow, innovate and become more competitive. However, for any organization using cloud computing services, the risk of a security breach looms large. Hence, they require direct, private and secure access.

Just recently, Webair announced that it became an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner. Azure ExpressRoute allows Webair customers to easily and securely utilize Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 with increased levels of reliability and performance. ExpressRoute is a private, dedicated network connection that sits in between Webair’s customers’ IT environments and the Microsoft Cloud.

The decision to become a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner will help Webair to offer high quality and reliable access to hybrid cloud services, and it will expand the company’s ability to mix and match its local, low-latency enterprise public cloud as well as third-party hyperscale cloud services.

“By becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, Webair’s customers are provided with redundant and diverse paths to the Microsoft Cloud,” stated Michael Christopher Orza, CEO of Webair. “Azure ExpressRoute will allow our customers to utilize Microsoft cloud services with increased confidence in network performance and security.”

Webair’s cloud infrastructure, it should be noted, is housed in Webair-owned facilities and runs on enterprise-grade hardware that is dedicated to customers and deployed directly into customer environments. Webair’s direct network connectivity model and ability to deploy dedicated hardware for each customer enables the secure and private consumption of scalable and SLA-backed cloud services without requiring any physical connectivity to the public Internet or to other customers.

Today, for instance, many of Webair’s enterprise and healthcare provider customers need to bypass the public Internet and consume cloud services as if they were housed on-premises.  Becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, and gaining a private, dedicated network connection between Microsoft Azure data centers and Webair customers’ IT environments, provides the best of both options without having to sacrifice existing network security models.

Webair has executed multiple hybrid cloud solutions for its customers, which often include a hybrid of services like managed security, enterprise private cloud, disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), colocation and connectivity to Microsoft Azure — air-gapped and bypassing the public internet where it is possible.

In becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, Webair has established a more formal relationship with Microsoft in order to meet its clients’ ongoing growth and demand for future implementations. Webair intends to offer more managed services on top of Microsoft Azure as its customers, including healthcare and enterprise organizations, seek more hybrid services in the future. Becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner is a critical first step in meeting these demands.

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